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19 October 2010

  • MRI trailblazer

    African leader

    Rwanda, first sub-Saharan country to introduce the measles-rubella vaccine with GAVI support.

  • MRI Rwanda Queue

    Over four days (12-15 March), Rwanda's measles-rubella campaign will immunise 4.8m children against these two deadly viruses.

    Photo: © UNICEF Rwanda/2013/Rusanganwa

  • MRI Laos vaccine

    Globally, 430 children die every day from measles. 100,000 are born every year with Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

    Photo: M&R Initiative/C. McNab

  • MRI measles

    Successful measles campaigns across Africa have exposed the extent of rubella, which shares the same symptons - fever and rash.

    Photo: M&R Initiative/C. McNab

  • MRI Dr. Parfait Uwariraye

    UNICEF helped Rwanda's campaign by training health workers, providing cold-chain logistics and mobilising communities for vaccination days. Read more

    Photo: © UNICEF Rwanda/2013/Rusanganwa

  • MRI Nepal 02

    Globally, GAVI partners are working with the Measles & Rubella Initiative to stop measles and rubella.

    Photo: M&R Initiative/C. McNab

  • MRI Nepal 01

    By 2020, GAVI support will help developing countries deliver the measles-rubella vaccine to 700m children in 49 countries.

    Photo: M&R Initiative/C. McNab

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