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  • Pneumonia kills 1.3 million children under five. It is the number one killer of children
    under age 5 worldwide – responsible for nearly one in five global child deaths annually.
  • We now have the vaccines to prevent one of the leading causes of child deaths and they are on their way to the kids who need them most.
  • Immunisation is one of the best ways to protect thousands of children against pneumococcal disease which is the leading cause of pneumonia; along with optimal breastfeeding practices and adequate nutrition, handwashing with soap and water, safe drinking water and basic sanitation, among other measures.
  • World Pneumonia Day, on 12 November, is an opportunity to highlight the power of vaccines to prevent millions of child deaths and to celebrate the historic achievements of the rapid introduction of these vaccines to combat pneumonia. No child should die of a disease we can prevent.
  • Together we can ensure that everyone works together to make pneumonia a priority. Join the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia.

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