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World Pneumonia Day blogs

Seth Berkley15 Nov
Pneumonia: No friend of mine - Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance


Gus Nossal12 Nov
Pneumococcal vaccine is saving lives already - Mwai Kibaki, President of the republic of Kenya


Gus Nossal12 Nov
Shot in arm breathes hope into lives of world's most vulnerable (The Age) - Sir Gus Nossal, former President of International Union of Immunological Societies, former Chair of WHO's expert advisory group on vaccines

Jim Dobbin12 Nov
Fighting pneumonia in Bangladesh ( - UK Parliamentarian Jim Dobbin, MP


Bill Roedy9 Nov
The WPD Generation: Moving the needle to fight childhood disease ( - Bill Roedy, former CEO of MTV, GAVI Envoy 

Kate O'Brien9 Nov
Pneumonia takes the lives of millions of babies…vaccinate! ( - Kate O'Brien, Deputy Director, International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)

Agnes Binagwaho9 Nov
Rwanda is Proud to Pioneer the Pneumococcal Vaccine ( - Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s minister of health

Joseph Yieleh Chireh8 Nov
'No child should die of a disease we can prevent' ( - Joseph Yieleh Chireh, Ghana’s minister of health

Guy Aho Tete Benissan8 Nov
Pour lutter contre la pneumonie – vaccinez vos enfants ! - Guy Aho Tete Benissan Coordinateur régional du REPAOC, membre du Comité de pilotage du Forum des OSC partenaires de GAVI Alliance 


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