• Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Board

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  • The Gavi Board is responsible for strategic direction and policy-making, oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation

  • With membership drawn from a range of partner organisations, as well as experts from the private sector, the Gavi Board provides a forum for balanced strategic decision making, innovation and partner collaboration.

    View documents and presentations from the recent Board meeting in Geneva, Switzerland (18-19 June 2014).

    GAVI Board, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2014
  • Upcoming Gavi Board events

    • Sep
      Start: 01:30 PM
      Duration: 1 hours
      Executive Committee Meeting
      New York, USA
    • Oct
      Start: 09:00 AM
      Duration: 25 hours
      Programme and Policy Committee Meeting
      Geneva, Switzerland
    • Oct
      Start: 09:00 AM
      Duration: 1 hours
      IFFIm Board Meeting
      Washington, DC, USA
    • Oct
      Start: 08:30 AM
      Duration: 1 hours
      Investment Committee Meeting
      New York City, USA
    • Oct
      Start: 10:00 AM
      Duration: 1 hours
      Audit and Finance Committee Videoconference (partly with PPC)
      Washington, DC - Geneva

  • Board composition

    GAVI Board composition

    Gavi partners are represented through 18 seats on the Board with nine seats reserved for independent or unaffiliated individuals.

  • Board members

    Dagfinn Høybråten Chair

    Learn more about GAVI Alliance Board Chair Dagfinn Høybråten and the members of the Board.

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