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Through their active participation in governing Gavi, CSOs provide input to ensure that the Vaccine Alliance’s programmes and policies are robust and that the Vaccine Alliance maintains a high level of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness

CSO Constituency

The Gavi civil society constituency (Gavi CSO Constituency) consists of a diverse network of CSOs motivated to support the Vaccine Alliance’s mission. The Gavi CSO Constituency comprises of a 20-member CSO Steering Committee and a Civil Society Forum, which provides input to the CSO Board member and Alternate member on Gavi policy and programmes.

The CSO Constituency is guided by a Charter that was adopted in October 2010.

CSOs are currently represented on the Gavi Board by Joan Awunyo-Akaba (Representative) and Naveen Thacker (Alternate).

The CSO Steering Committee is a group of 20 CSO representatives and is responsible for synthesising broader feedback from the Civil Society Forum into specific inputs for the Board member, Alternate member, and other CSO Committee/task team representative(s) for ongoing Gavi policy and programme discussion. The CSO Steering Committee meets regularly prior to Gavi Board Meetings.

The Forum functions through periodic in-person meetings and an email list-serve.

A full-time communications focal point (CFP), hosted at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Geneva, supports the CSO Forum and Steering Committee. The CFP is also the Special Advisor to the CSO Board Member and Alternate, and serves as the primarily link between the Gavi CSO Constituency and the Gavi Secretariat.

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5 -> 16

From 5 to 16 vaccine manufacturers supplying Gavi – from 1 to 10 based in emerging markets.

2001: 5 vaccine manufacturers - 1 based in an emerging market;
2014: 16 vaccine manufacturers– 10 based in emerging markets.


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