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The Gavi Board has five members from industrialised country governments

The industrialised country governments constituency is represented by five members: European Commission, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Walter Seidel (Representative) from the European Commission and Alternate (Vacant) represent these Gavi donor countries:

European Commission




Angela Santoni (Representative) from Italy and Javier Hernández Peña (Alternate) from Spain represent these Gavi donor countries:



Anders Nordström (Representative) from Sweden and Beate Stirø (Alternate) from Norway represent these Gavi donor countries:


The Netherlands



Donal Brown (Representative) from the United Kingdom and Micheline Gilbert (Alternate) from Canada represent these Gavi donor countries:



United Kingdom

Jenny Da Rin (Representative) from Australia and Katherine Taylor (Alternate) from the USA represent these Gavi donor countries:


Korea (Republic of)


The United States of America

Nominations process 

There is a donor-driven process in place, where the Secretariat informs each constituency whose seat is up for renewal that the Governance Committee requests it to identify a new Board member and alternate, preferably including female candidates. It is then up to the constituency to coordinate among its members to identify its selection. Each constituency has the freedom to nominate its sitting Board member and alternate, should it so desire.

6 million

Approximately six million future deaths averted from hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B, measles, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rotavirus diarrhoea and yellow fever since Gavi's launch in 2000.

Gavi/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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