Anders Nordström

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Ambassador for Global Health, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Anders Nordstrom

Anders Nordström is the Board member representing donor governments Denmark/Netherlands/Norway/Sweden. Dr Nordström is the Ambassador for Global Health in the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Previously, he was the Ambassador for HIV/AIDS for the Swedish government. As a medical doctor from the Karolinska Institut, Sweden, He has a background that combines development experience in the field, national and international health policy and planning, and strategic leadership.

During 2002, Dr Nordström was the Interim Executive Director for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, after having being part of the Transitional Working Group during 2001. In this capacity he laid the foundations for the Global Fund’s present structure, through managing the Secretariat, preparing technical reviews and grant agreements as well as recruitments.

Dr Nordström took office as Assistant Director-General at WHO for General Management in July 2003 and was the Acting Director-General of WHO from 23 May 2006 until 3 January 2007. After the successful handing over to Dr Margaret Chan, he was appointed Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Services. From January 2008 until June 2010, Dr Nordström served as Director-General for the Swedish International Agency for Development Cooperation (Sida).

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