Gavi Board minutes 2009

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The Gavi Board, which establishes all policies, oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation, held meetings in Rotterdam, Washington, DC and Hanoi in 2009

List of all 2009 Board meetings with links to full minutes and downloads of 'Final Minutes' documents:

17-18 November 2009

Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Hosted by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on 17-18 November 2009, the  Board discussed managing GAVI’s finances and new eligibility and graduation policies.  Field trips were organised to district and obstetrics hospitals, health centres, primary schools having immunisation programmes and vaccine companies.

The Board meeting was followed but the 2009 GAVI Partners’ Meeting, a platform for GAVI’s  partners to exchange ideas about opportunities and challenges ahead, and to provide feedback on GAVI’s policies and strategy.

2-3 June 2009

Meeting in Washington DC.

Held at the World Bank, the Board considered its forward vaccine investment strategy and welcomed GAVI’s new deputy CEO Helen Evans.

2 March 2009

Meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

At this short meeting, the Board added new Board members.

US$ 80-100 billion

Investing in Gavi’s 2016-2020 strategy has the potential to deliver US$ 80-100 billion in costs averted related to illness, such as productivity loss due to death/disability, treatment costs, caretaker productivity loss and transport costs.

Stack M et al. Estimated economic benefits during Decade of Vaccines, Health Affairs 2011

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