GAVI Board meeting, 16-17 November 2011

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The GAVI Alliance Board met in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 16-17 November 2011.

GAVI Board Meeting Dhaka 2011

GAVI Board members in Dhaka. Photo credit: Saiful Huq Omi/GAVI/2011.

Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the GAVI Alliance Board decided to take the first steps towards the introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) and rubella vaccines in developing countries.

The Board also received UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who encouraged the Alliance to “deliver the promise of a future free from the threat of cervical cancer to millions of young women thanks to the HPV vaccine.” 


00b - Agenda


02 - CEO report


03a - AVI Update


03b - Country Programme Update

05 - Updated long term financial forecast

06 - Next steps on new windows

07 - Proposed retirement of the GAVI Fund Affiliate

09 - Update on GAVI Campaign and private sector outreach

12 - Vaccine supply and procurement strategy

13 - Performance Based Funding

14 - Business plan 2012


15 - 2012 business plan budget

16a - Nominations from the Governance Committee

16a - Annex - Nominations from the Governance Committee

16b - Committee leadership structure

16c - Ethics and Conflict of Interests Policies

16e - GAVI Currency Hedging Policy

16f - Appointment of the external auditor

A - Third Report on Gender Policy

B - Review of the Eligibility Threshold

C - Decade of Vaccines Collaboration

D - Country Briefing - Bangladesh

76 million

By the end of 2015, Gavi had contributed to immunising 76 million children against pneumococcal disease. Gavi surpassed its 2015 target of 45 introductions already in 2014 – more than one year ahead of schedule. More than three-quarters of all Gavi-supported countries have introduced the vaccine.


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