Executive Committee meeting, 30 September 2009

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The GAVI Alliance Executive Committee met in Geneva, Switzerland on the 30 September 2009 

Download Final Minutes' and agenda item documents for the 30 September 2009 Executive Committee meeting:

1. Approval of past minutes

Executive Committee Chair Denis Aitken requested formal approval of past Executive Committee meetings and teleconferences.

2. Developing the next GAVI Alliance strategy

Deputy CEO Helen Evans discussed the development of the next five year GAVI Alliance strategy which will run from 2011 to 2015. With the completion of the governance and administrative transition in 2009 and the shift in the global financial environment, it is an opportune time to reflect on whether GAVI is focused on the most relevant objectives and goals. 

3. 4th GAVI Partners’ Forum – input to agenda

Joelle Tanguy, Managing Director, External Relations provided the Committee with a status report of the 2009 GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum from 18-20 November in Hanoi, Vietnam.

4. Update on vaccine co-financing policy

Mercy Ahun, Managing Director, Programme Delivery presented an update on the implementation of GAVI’s co-financing policy. All countries have met their co-financing requirements to date, with some exceeding the payment levels required; however the economic downturn might have negative implications on the continuation of this trend.

5. Update on implementation of GAVI’s Transparency and Accountability Policy

Joe Martin, Head, Transparency and Accountability Policy (TAP) team provided a report on the progress to establish procedures, build Secretariat capacity and roll out the financial management assessments (FMA) that are central to the implementation of the TAP.  

6. Update on GAVI role in H1N1 Epidemic

Nina Schwalbe, Managing Director, Policy and Performance provided a report on the discussions between GAVI and WHO to explore whether GAVI has a role in the efforts to address the H1N1 pandemic. 

7. GAVI eligibility policy update

Gian Gandhi, Senior Manager, Policy and Performance presented the PPC-appointed Eligibility Task Team recommendations on revisions to GAVI’s overall eligibility, programme specific filters, and graduation policies. The PPC was asked to address this issue by the Board during its 2009 activities.

8. Update on Joint HSS platform with GFATM and World Bank

Carole Presern, Managing Director, Special Projects discussed the current status of the proposal for a joint GAVI, GFATM and World Bank Health Systems Strengthening platform to be presented to the GAVI Board in November. 

65 million

Nearly 65 million children in Gavi-supported countries received three doses of a DTP-containing vaccine (including pentavalent vaccine) in 2014. This equals almost 200 million contacts with the primary health system every year and can provide a robust platform for other health interventions.


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