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Manages implementation of Gavi-supported programmes through close liaison with countries, regional working groups and partners

Country Programmes is dedicated to facilitating ongoing communication and information-sharing to support successful country involvement, as well as regular monitoring of performance. Country Programmes consists of two teams: Country reviews and grant renewals, and country programmes.

Country reviews and grant renewals

The Country Reviews and Grant Renewals team oversees the process of making recommendations for new and continued Gavi support to countries, and is accountable for the approval and disbursement process. In addition, the team is responsible for:


Managing Director

Hind Khatib-Othman was appointed Managing Director for Country Programmes in 2012.

  • receiving and managing country applications (new and underused vaccines support, immunisation services support, health system strengthening and civil society support);
  • organising progress report reviews;
  • making estimates of financial implications of country grants (vaccines and cash);
  • handling the overall approval of country grants;
  • oversight of the implementation of the co-financing policy.

Country Programmes

The Country Programmes department monitors the use of Gavi support by countries, highlighting best practices, achievements and areas for further improvement. The department maintains comprehensive information about each country, including a database of country awards, requests and achievements. This database is used to analyse trends of Gavi support and to identify policy issues for special focus. The department also plays a major role in soliciting country input for policy development and in translating strategic decisions into operational processes.

3.9 million

The Vaccine Alliance’s support for vaccines will contribute to averting an estimated 3.9 million future deaths between 2011 and 2015.


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