Finance and Operations

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Manages Gavi Secretariat's finances and day-to-day functioning

Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for the Secretariat's financial management, controls and accounting, investment and treasury management, and forecasting of financial needs and resources. The team seeks to ensure that the financial resources entrusted to Gavi are managed prudently in order to maximise their effectiveness towards meeting country demand for Gavi support.

Barry Greene

Managing Director

Finance & Operation's Managing Director is Barry Greene, who joined Gavi in February 2010. Barry's career spans the commercial and cause-driven sectors with over 30 years' experience in finance, general management and consulting.

Its works include the provision of a comprehensive accounting, internal control and risk management environment, an efficient platform that facilitates delivery of programme resources, the prudent investment of resources, consolidated, audited financial reporting across all Gavi entities, and input to the design and implementation of innovative finance mechanisms.

Operations Team

The Operations Team enables the day-to-day functioning of the Gavi Secretariat, in Geneva and Washington DC. The team seeks to ensure that the Secretariat operates in an efficient and cost-effective manner with the appropriate infrastructure, including policies, procedures, processes and systems. Its work spans the areas of informations systems and infrastructure, procurement of non-pharmaceutical goods and services, travel and facilities management.

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