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The Legal and Governance teams together work proactively with our delivery colleagues within the Vaccine Alliance to ensure that the Gavi mission is achieved in a transparent and cost-efficient manner

The Legal team

The Legal team provides legal risk analyses, proposes effective mitigation strategies and supports the Gavi Secretariat on all legal matters. The Legal team helps develop effective and efficient structures for Vaccine Alliance projects and negotiates and drafts all agreements for the Gavi and Gavi affiliated entities as appropriate including agreements with donors, Vaccine Alliance partners, vendors and consultants.

The Legal team also advises the Gavi Secretariat on matters concerning operations, employment, intellectual property rights, media and public relations, conflicts of interests, privileges and immunities, policies, governance and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Switzerland.

The Governance team

The Governance team ensures that the Board has the proper advice and resources needed for discharging its fiduciary responsibilities, and that the records of the Board's actions reflect that the Board has done so. The team informs the Board of governance best practices from the public-sector and corporate spheres and is a key relationship manager between the Board and the Secretariat.

It is also responsible for advising the Board on its forward workplan and operations, and does so responsively and collaboratively. To foster Gavi’s principle of transparency in governance matters, the minutes of the Board and its committees, are available on Gavi’s website once approved.

The Governance Team provides similar functions to Gavi's affiliate organisations: the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) and the GAVI Campaign. In total, the Governance team manages as many as 40-45 or more meetings per year.

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