Policy and Performance

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Designs, develops, monitors and evaluates Gavi's programme process

The Policy & Performance cluster aims to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of the Vaccine Alliance by generating an evidence base and designing analytical tools to inform strategies, investments, policies and programmes, vaccine pricing and supply, and performance management. It does so through the following defined areas of work:

Robert Newman

Managing Director

Robert Newman is a member of Gavi’s executive management team and leads the Policy & Performance team which includes Monitoring & Evaluation, Policy & Market Shaping and Performance Management. Robert is a paediatrician and has spent nearly 25 years in international health, with experience in research, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and policy setting.

  • Coordinating the development of the Vaccine Alliance’s overarching strategy
  • Leading the development and revision of Gavi’s programmatic policies
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Gavi programs and policies and measurement of the impact of Gavi investments
  • Managing country grant application and review processes
  • Facilitating the Vaccine Alliance year-to-year business planning process and monitoring performance against its deliverables
  • Guiding the implementation of the Supply and Procurement Strategy of the Vaccine Alliance and the strategic goal of shaping vaccine markets.

Priorities in 2014

  • Finalizing of Gavi Strategy 2016-2020
  • Review and revision of eligibility, graduation and co-financing policies
  • Designing a Gavi risk policy
  • Developing Gavi performance measurement for reporting and to support replenishment activities
  • Implementing the grant application, monitoring and review re-design (GAMR)
  • Accelerating the assessment and improvement of immunization coverage data quality
  • Work on the Vaccine Alliance strategy for access to appropriate prices for Gavi graduated countries.
  • Developing or updating supply & procurement roadmaps for Gavi vaccines

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