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  • Seth Berkley

    I’m very proud to serve as Gavi CEO and put my experience from the world of vaccination to work on a much broader range of diseases that are impacting developing countries.

    My mandate as leader of Gavi's successful public-private partnership is very clear: to create a world where life-saving vaccines are available as soon as possible to everyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • The looming threat of yellow fever

    An outbreak in Brazil of the deadly disease should raise an alarm in the rest of the world...

    Read the full article in the New York Times. 

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  • petri dish

    Saving antibiotics so that antibiotics can save lives

    Ever since antibiotics were first developed and heralded as a miracle of modern medicine more than half a century ago, experts have warned of the dangers of their misuse. By exposing bugs to just enough medicine to encourage resistance, the fear was that we would end up encouraging germs to evade the very drugs that were designed to counter their impact. Full article: Wall Street Journal.


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