The power of the Alliance - Civil society

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As a critical partner of the GAVI Alliance, civil society raises the profile of immunisation and health and helps mobilise resources while holding governments and industry to account

Civil society also plays a vital role in policy development and delivering services

In the lead-up to the GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation, the advocacy efforts of civil society ensured that GAVI’s mission was placed high on official agendas and in the public domain.

Below are some examples of civil society advocacy leading up to the conference:

Read the Civil Society Call to Action to Support the GAVI Alliance | Français | Español | Arabic. Released 10 June 2011, The Call to Action calls on donors to commit to fully funding the Alliance and reiterates that vaccination is the right of every child.

Two of the largest NGO networks from West Africa (REPAOC) and Central Africa (REPONGAC) sign a common statement, calling on G8 leaders to fully fund GAVI

Injecting momentum into our parliamentary campaign- SAVE UK blog, 13 May 2011

Cameron urged: act now to help save 4 million children in 5 years-, 12 April 2011

Save four million children's lives in five years - petition - Living Proof Campaign

No Child Born to Die Campaign- SAVE UK

TAKE ACTION form to ‘World Leaders’- SAVE UK

Ask Reps. & Senators to Fully Fund GAVI!-

Joanne Carter's Huffington Post Article on the GAVI Alliance: A Special Relationship to Save Lives -

Tom Zulauf's The Herald Sun article on reasons to invest in vaccination: How to save 4 million children - RESULTS.or

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