Developing country pharmaceutical industry

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More than half of Gavi vaccine suppliers are based in emerging markets

Developing country pharmaceutical industry

Credit: Gavi/2015/GMB Akash.

DCVN logoAs more manufacturers based in developing countries enter the market with prequalified vaccines, the increased choices they bring provides a more diversified supply base. It also increases competition in vaccine markets, often resulting in reduced prices.

In 2001, five manufacturers supplied vaccines to Gavi; just one of these was based in an emerging market economy. By 2015, more than half of our vaccine suppliers were based in emerging markets.

The Vaccine Alliance has assigned a seat on its Board to a representative of the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturing Network (DCVMN), a voluntary alliance of 44 companies from 16 developing countries.

DCVMN goals

DCVMN's goals are closely aligned to those of Gavi and include:

  • to provide a consistent and sustainable supply of quality vaccines at an affordable price to developing countries;
  • to strive for an international recognition such  that developing country vaccine manufacturers have an essential role in assuring the availability of quality vaccines for national immunisation programs; and
  • to encourage continuation of research and development efforts to meet the emerging vaccine needs in the developing world.

US$ 80-100 billion

Investing in Gavi’s 2016-2020 strategy has the potential to deliver US$ 80-100 billion in costs averted related to illness, such as productivity loss due to death/disability, treatment costs, caretaker productivity loss and transport costs.

Stack M et al. Estimated economic benefits during Decade of Vaccines, Health Affairs 2011

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