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Contribute experience in overseas development as well as funding to ensure health is adequately supported in overseas aid programmes

David Berkwitz GAVI 2010

Industrialised countries are Gavi's principal donors. By 15 April 2011, 16 governments and the European Community had contributed or pledged a total of US$ 11.8 billion, including US$ 6.2 billion committed through IFFIm up to 2026 and US$1.5 billion through the Advance Market Commitment (AMC)

While these countries also offer policy and technical expertise in development assistance to Gavi and a broad perspective of development finance, as donors they have one primary focus: to ensure that health receives an adequate proportion of Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Gavi's results explain why Norway considers immunisation to be one of the best buys in global public health. 

Espen Barth Eide, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway


Donor governments have committed to ensuring that health development policies emphasise the needs of the world's poorest people and that need for wider access to immunisation is communicated to industrialised country governments.

They have also committed to facilitate the participation of national institutions in international immunisation efforts and support strengthening of immunisation through broad sectoral approaches.

Catalytic role

Industrialised country governments have also played a catalytic role in formulating and supporting innovative approaches to financing Gavi:

International Financing Facility for Immunisation

Role on the Gavi Board

Five industrialised country governments are represented on the Gavi Board usually by officials from overseas development agencies or their ministries of finance.

The International Financing Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) drew on proposals put forward in 2002 by the former UK finance minister Gordon Brown; IFFIm was actively supported by the UK government, where the its inaugural bonds were issued in 2006.

Advance Market Committments

Italy actively promoted the concept of Advanced Market Commitments (AMC) among G7 governments, who later backed the pilot AMC for pneumococcal vaccine; the latter was launched in Italy in 2007 and formally activated in June 2009.

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