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  • From 2011-2015, four strategic goals will guide Gavi’s mission: to save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries

  • In November 2010, the Gavi Board approved a five-year strategy to ensure the Vaccine Alliance delivers on its overall mission from 2011-2015.

    Full implementation of the four strategic goals will see Gavi immunise about 250 million children by 2015 and prevent nearly four million future deaths. This includes the roll-out of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines to protect against the world's two main child killers, pneumonia and diarrhoea, as well as sustained progress in providing the pentavalent, meningitis and yellow fever vaccines.

    Strategic goals
  • The vaccine goal

    Accelerate the uptake and use of underused and new vaccines by strengthening country decision-making and introduction.

  • The health systems goal

    Contribute to strengthening the capacity of integrated health systems to deliver immunisation.

  • The financing goal

    Increase the predictability of global financing and improve the sustainability of national financing for immunisation.

  • The market-shaping goal

    Shape vaccine markets to ensure adequate supply of appropriate, quality vaccines at low and sustainable prices for developing countries.

  • Gavi's strategy is a roadmap designed to help the Vaccine Alliance respond to changes in the vaccine landscape and set five-year milestones en route to fulfilling its mission. The 2011-2015 strategy, which takes on board lessons learnt from Gavi's first decade, is the latest in three distinct phases of Gavi activity:

    This section details the new strategic objectives and operating principles for the current phase (2011-2015) as well as providing an overview of Gavi's initial strategy (2007-2010).

    More information is also available on Gavi’s vaccine investment strategy, through which the Vaccine Alliance determines which vaccines are made available to countries through Gavi’s vaccine support programmes. A new strategy is developed every five years when Gavi takes stock of available and expected vaccines and sets new priorities through in depth analysis and widespread consultations. The latest vaccine investment strategy was developed in 2013 for the period 2014-2018.

  • 3.9 million

    The Vaccine Alliance’s support for vaccines will contribute to averting an estimated 3.9 million future deaths between 2011 and 2015.


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