Mato, Advocacy and Public Policy

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I am responsible for strengthening Gavi’s engagement with Civil Society, a key member of our Alliance

"The single best reason for working here? 
The people."

I’m Mato and I work with the Advocacy and Public Policy team here at Gavi. I’m responsible for monitoring and engaging on public policy and international development. I also have the responsibility of strengthening Gavi’s engagement with a key Alliance member, Civil Society.

I spent over half my life in Africa and I think it was that experience that really led me to align my work and my values with that of what is a compelling mission of this organisation.

What we find at Gavi is that we do have a mix of people from the developed world, the developing world, as well as from diverse backgrounds from the public and the private sector, and I think it creates an environment where we not only have shared experiences from our previous jobs but it helps us to align and think creatively about how we advance the mission of this organisation and immunisation coverage in the world.

I think there is a Gavi culture here. I think it is a mix of the public and the private sector, which allows it to be entrepreneurial, that allows it to be dynamic, that allows it to be creative. People over here are also not shy and in fact are expected to give their opinions and their views on how to solve some really complex problems such as, getting immunisation to some of the most marginalized and poorest populations on the planet.

The single best reason for working here? The people.

+ 150 million

By the end of 2013, 11 countries in the African meningitis belt had collectively immunised 153 million people against meningitis A with support from the Vaccine Alliance.


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