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For enquiries please contact:

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Secretariat
Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 909 6500
Fax: +41 22 909 6550

Mailing and visiting address:

2 Chemin des Mines
1202 Geneva

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Secretariat
Washington DC Office

Tel: +1 202 478 1050
Fax: +1 202 478 1060

Mailing and visiting address:

1776 I (Eye) Street, NW
Suite 600
Washington DC 20006

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Public transport from rail station

Take the number one bus in the direction of Jardin Botanique. Alight at the penultimate stop on the route. It is called Mines. Gavi is in the green building ahead on the right in Chemin des Mines.

Public transport from airport:

Take the number 28 bus and alight at stop Jardin Botanique, the last on the route. Gavi is in the green building behind the navy blue UNICEF building.


The Gavi office is in downtown Washington DC opposite the 18th street exit of the Farragut West metro stop.


Media contacts
Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly
+41 79 745 2031
+41 22 909 2978


Frédérique Tissandier
+41 79 300 8253
+41 22 909 2968


Clio Van Cauter
+41 79 514 6839
+41 22 909 2920

Washington office
Jonathan Stern

Jonathan Stern
+1 202 375 0202 (mobile)
+1 202 478 1055 (work)

Jennie Bragg

Jennifer Bragg
+ 1 202 375 4271 (mobile)
+ 1 202 478 1046 (work)


Gavi is committed to the highest standards of accountability, responsibility and ethical behaviour.
If you are aware of any inappropriate use of Gavi-provided resources - vaccines, cash or other assets - please report it: here 


To make a U.S. Tax deductible donation, please donate through our partner Gavi Campaign.

Broadcast quality video

The latest Gavi B-roll is available for interested broadcasters to review at:  

22 million

Since 2007, countries have immunised 22 million children with a 2nd dose of measles vaccine with Gavi support. Gavi-funded measles campaigns have helped vaccinate another 67 million children in countries considered at high risk of measles outbreaks.


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