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Gavi support for Cameroon

Red line on table indicates duration of support based on commitments.
Commitments: Multi-year programme budgets endorsed in principle by the Gavi Board. These become financial commitments upon approval each year for the following calendar year.
Approvals: Total Approved for funding

Download data for commitments, approvals & disbursements in XLS format

Cameroon DTP3 / immunisation coverage

Breakdown of support

Data refers to disbursed values, date as per above chart

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News and updates relating to Cameroon

23 April 2015

Immunisation priorities for south west Cameroon

Dr Bernard Atembeh Bedifh, Regional Chief of Unit for the Expanded Programme for Immunization in Cameroon, describes three immunisation challenges in  the south west region of Limbe.

04 December 2014

EA Paediatricians

East Africa paediatricians speak with one voice for vaccines

Paediatricians from eastern Africa call on local and global leaders to invest more in life-saving immunisation.

26 September 2014

Reaching every child in Cameroon

Short film highlighting the challenges and rewards of delivering vaccines to a remote coastal region in Cameroon.This video was produced for the Global Citizen's Festival, held in in New York's Central Park in September 2014.

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