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Gavi support for Guinea-Bissau

Red line on table indicates duration of support based on commitments.
Commitments: Multi-year programme budgets endorsed in principle by the Gavi Board. These become financial commitments upon approval each year for the following calendar year.
Approvals: Total Approved for funding

Download data for commitments, approvals & disbursements in XLS format

Guinea-Bissau DTP3 / immunisation coverage

DTP3 - WHO/UNICEF estimates (2014)

Grade of confidence

DTP3 - Official country estimates (2014) 83%
M:F sex ratio at birth (2015) 1.03
Household survey: DTP3 coverage for male (2010) 82.60%
Household survey: DTP3 coverage for female (2010) 79.50%
Household survey: Last DTP3 survey (2010) 81%
% districts achieving > 80% DTP3 coverage (2014) 45%
% districts achieving < 50% DTP3 coverage (2014) 0%
Polio WHO/UNICEF estimates (2014) 78%

Breakdown of support

Non-vaccine support Vaccine support
32% 68%
$2,210,303 $4,716,992

Data refers to disbursed values, date as per above chart

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