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01 July 2016

Close to 1 million Myanmar children to be protected with pneumococcal vaccine

With July’s launch of pneumococcal vaccine, which protects against the main cause of deadly pneumonia, Myanmar has introduced 9 vaccines against 10 diseases into its national immunisation programme.

20 May 2014

Reasons to invest

Reasons to invest in the GAVI Alliance

From singers and Presidents to Ministers and advocates, GAVI Alliance supporters explain why they are backing the Alliance’s vision for 2020

30 October 2013

MTR quote John Mahama 2

How we are doing so far?

GAVI partners give a personal take on the Mid-Term Review, immunisation and the Alliance’s performance against its strategic goals

30 October 2013

MTR group photo final PR

GAVI Alliance partners reaching more children than ever before with accelerated access to vital vaccines

Mid-Term Review meeting highlights immunisation successes and challenges.

14 October 2013

MTR report

GAVI Alliance on track to immunise a quarter of a billion children by 2015 and prevent nearly 4 million deaths

The GAVI Alliance is on track to meet its ambitious targets of supporting developing countries to immunise an additional quarter of a billion children by 2015, and preventing nearly four million deaths in the process. [Arabic] | [Chinese] | [German] | [Italian] | [Japanese] | [Korean] | [Spanish]

30 November 2012

Myanmar children to benefit from pentavalent vaccine and measles second dose

To celebrate the launch of the GAVI supported pentavalent vaccine and measles second dose in Myanmar GAVI Alliance Chairman Dagfinn Høybråten and Deputy CEO Helen Evans hosted a five-day visit to the country by six politicians from Australia and New Zealand, as well as officials from WHO, UNICEF. After decades of social and political isolation half a million children in the country will now receive protection from a range of deadly diseases including measles, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Hib.

28 November 2012

UNICEF_2009_Bura_Indonesia copyF

02 – Intensification of routine immunisation in South-East Asia

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. This session highlighted the efforts being made in SEA countries to implement intensification activities for reaching more children with immunization services.

15 November 2012


GAVI supports new vaccines for Myanmar’s children

Delegation of Australian and New Zealand politicians attends launch and sees first-hand the challenges facing the Southeast Asian country following years of isolation.

06 November 2012


Myanmar children benefit from pentavalent and measles vaccines

Over half-a-million children across Myanmar will be protected against five major childhood diseases in the next six months thanks to the introduction of the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine with support from the GAVI Alliance.

06 September 2012

SEARO Regional Committee Meeting

Helen Evans, Deputy CEO of the GAVI Alliance addresses the 65th session of the WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

12 July 2012

DPR Korea introduces pentavalent vaccine

DPR Korea introduces pentavalent vaccine

 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will continue to co-finance GAVI vaccines.

10 May 2012

Nilgun Myanmar 2

Diary of a vaccine monitor

As a programme officer with the GAVI Alliance, Nilgun Aydogan is responsible not only for helping south Asian countries apply for funding to introduce life-saving vaccines but also for monitoring the effectiveness of their immunisation programmes.

24 April 2012

Myanmar measles vaccinations

Global partners launch new plan to control and eliminate measles and rubella

Partners leading efforts to control measles announce a new global strategy aimed at reducing measles deaths and congenital rubella syndrome to zero (Joint American Red Cross/CDC/UN Foundation/UNICEF/ WHO press release).

28 March 2012

Myanmar MSD

Myanmar measles campaign, dress rehearsal for measles 2nd dose and pentavalent rollouts

Nationwide catch-up campaign prepares ground for introduction of new life-saving vaccines in 2012.

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