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08 December 2016

Syrian children

Gavi to support immunisation of children in Syria

Gavi Board decisions also taken to strengthen emergency vaccine stockpiles and to accelerate human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine programme to protect 40 million girls against cervical cancer by 2020.

14 October 2016

Zipline Delivery 1

14 October 2016


Africa takes second “step” toward strengthening supply chain management

New Strategic Training Executive Programme opens at Benin’s LOGIVAC+ Centre, 12 months after similar course offered in Rwanda

11 October 2016

Gavi Girl Effect

Girl Effect and Gavi join forces with US$ 10 million commitment to fight cervical cancer in developing world

Without intervention the rising number of deaths from cervical cancer will exceed maternal mortality rates in developing countries.

19 April 2016

Alan Brooks

Setting new standards: East Africa's Centre of Excellence for health supply chains

Gavi’s Alan Brooks explains how the launch of a new Centre of Excellence for vaccines, immunisation and health supply chain management in Rwanda will drive the modernisation of immunisation supply chains across East Africa.

22 February 2016

Gavi item

Meningitis A nearly eliminated in Africa through vaccination

Joint press release first published by WHO and PATH, joint founders of the Meningitis Vaccine Project.

07 February 2016

Africa United

Seth Berkley helps kick-off Africa United universal immunisation campaign

Gavi CEO attends final of 2016 African Nations football championship to support launch of ‘Every Shot Counts’.

07 February 2016

CAF President Issa Hayatou, Rwanda President Paul Kagame, Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley

African football and political leaders partner with Gavi to prevent childhood deaths

Africa United leverages football to catalyse health and unveils focus on universal access to immunisation at 4th edition of the Orange African Nations Championship in Rwanda.

31 January 2016


Gavi welcomes Global Ambassador for Immunisation Kikwete

Former Tanzanian President announces his commitment to “the health of the African continent”

23 January 2015

WEF 2015 ls

Gavi gains new partners at World Economic Forum

Four private sector partnerships announced in Davos.

21 January 2015

Gavi item

New private sector partners bring technical expertise and innovative finance to help save children’s lives

Gavi to leverage corporate patent royalties and local knowledge to improve vaccine delivery and injection safety in poor countries.

04 December 2014

EA Paediatricians

East Africa paediatricians speak with one voice for vaccines

Paediatricians from eastern Africa call on local and global leaders to invest more in life-saving immunisation.

27 September 2014

Global Citizen Festival 2014

Child immunisation featured at New York concert

Gavi takes centre stage during live TV broadcast of Global Citizen Festival that brings together world leaders, celebrities and everyday people.

08 March 2014

GAVI HPV vaccine infographic 2014 3x2

1.5 million girls set to benefit from vaccine against cervical cancer

GAVI Alliance support for national introductions marks new HPV vaccine milestone on International Women’s Day.

07 November 2013

Germany statement

GAVI Alliance welcomes Germany’s continued commitment to immunisation

German support set to benefit East African Community and help improve supply chain.

22 October 2013

UNICEF Cambodia

GAVI supports Cambodia’s campaign to vaccinate children against measles and rubella

More than four million children will receive the measles-rubella vaccine over the next three months.

29 May 2013


Vaccines against cervical cancer and rubella to benefit health of women and girls

Two new vaccines that help protect against cervical cancer, measles and rubella spearhead the GAVI Alliance’s commitment to improving the health of girls and women.

14 May 2013


Kenya first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI support

Kenya becomes the first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI-supported human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

08 May 2013

GAVI HPV Vaccine Infographic

20 March 2013

Rwanda measles-rubella vaccine campaign

Rwanda, through the supporters of GAVI Alliance, WHO, UNICEF and other members of the Measles-rubella Initiative, is rolling out a new dual measles-rubella vaccine aimed at immunising 5 millon children. This is the story 37 year old Giovance,mother of five, and her decision to get all her children immunised with the MR vaccine.

14 March 2013

Agnès Binagwaho

Rwanda's measles-rubella vaccine campaign: Q and A with Health Minister Agnès Binagwaho

Rwanda is the first country in Africa to introduce the conjugate measles and rubella vaccine with support from the GAVI Alliance. When this immunisation campaign was launched, Agnès Binagwaho, Minister of Health of Rwanda, answered GAVI’s questions.

12 March 2013

Rwanda MR launch

Over 700 million children in 49 countries to be protected against measles and rubella

Rwanda’s measles-rubella vaccination campaign is the beginning of an effort to vaccinate more than 700 million children under 15 years of age against two disabling and deadly diseases.

07 March 2013


Stronger protection for women and girls' health starts today

International Women's Day 2013 marks the beginning of a dramatic shift in the health of women and girls. Starting this year, GAVI is supporting the poorest countries of the world to roll out two vaccines that will directly benefit women and girls: human papillomavirus (HPV) against cervical cancer and rubella against 'German measles'.

31 January 2013

Vaccinating school girls against HPV in Rwanda

Rwanda was the first African country to introduce HPV vaccines, immunising school girls nationwide with donated vaccines. In 2014 GAVI will support this programme with a sustainable supply of paid for HPV vaccines. This short film follows the third round of HPV vaccination in October 2012.

10 January 2013


GAVI recognised for effectiveness and focus on results

In its first ever Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) review the GAVI Alliance has been commended for its effectiveness in increasing access to immunisation and for its focus on results.

06 December 2012

path_ouaga_day2-41 copyF

More than 30 million girls to be immunised with HPV vaccines by 2020 with GAVI support

The GAVI Alliance plans to work with countries to prepare them for nationwide roll outs of the vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer.

06 December 2012

Awards ceremony 7

GAVI awards countries and advocates for accelerating access to life-saving vaccines

The GAVI Alliance celebrated the accomplishments of 12 countries in increasing access to immunisation during a ceremony last night at the GAVI Partners’ Forum. The ceremony was hosted by the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Tanzanian radio host Taji Liunn.

29 October 2012

Malawi Rotavirus launch

Malawi to protect thousands of children’s lives with rotavirus vaccines

Malawi has become the latest in a growing number of African countries to introduce rotavirus vaccine into its national immunisation programme, offering its children the best possible protection against the primary cause of severe and fatal diarrhoea.

05 October 2012

Tanzania rotavirus rollout Sister Moshi

Useful information

Useful information for anyone attending the Partners' Forum in Tanzania: Climate, Passports & Visas, Health, Safety, General behaviour in public, Currency, Tipping, Electricity, Shopping

21 September 2012

Dagfinn Høybråten, Rwanda

Dagfinn Høybråten new Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

GAVI congratulates its Board Chair on his appointment as Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

19 September 2012

All speakers

Who participated

A-Z of leaders in global health: politicians, CEOs, academics, journalists.

19 September 2012

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony

13 countries receive awards; government leaders, parliamentarians and civil society groups receive special recognitions

25 May 2012

Helen Evans, WHA 2012 thumb

194 countries endorse landmark Global Vaccine Action Plan

New strategy is expected to accelerate the achievement of UN MDG4, a two thirds reduction in child mortality between 1990 and 2015.

25 May 2012

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health administers the first Rotateq to a child at Gataraga, Musanze

Rwanda introduces new vaccine against a leading childhood killer

Rotavirus vaccines will protect children from severe and deadly diarrhoea.

22 May 2012

Dr Coll Seck, Senegal Health Minister

Senegal Health Minister highlights key role of immunisation

Vaccines play key role in Senegal's dramatic reduction in child mortality.

26 January 2012

President Kikwete at Davos

Global Health and Diplomacy calls GAVI’s support for HPV a major step forward

New publication launched at Davos highlights GAVI's support as a major step foward for equity in women's health. 

10 November 2011

08-GAVI-11-Riccardo Gangale-Kenya

New studies show progress, value in vaccination against deadly pneumonia

Advances lauded as Malawi becomes next developing country to introduce pneumococcal vaccine on Saturday - World Pneumonia Day.

15 October 2011

Ethiopia pneumo launch

GAVI Alliance partners to tackle childhood killer in Ethiopia

Largest introduction to date of life-saving pneumococcal vaccines to be provided to Ethiopian children.

27 September 2011

Accelerating Africa's access to rotavirus vaccine

Sudan's introduction of rotavirus vaccine earlier this year signalled the start of a wave of African countries ready to counter the world's leading cause of diarrhoeal deaths with GAVI support. In September, the Alliance approved funding for 12 more African countries to introduce the rotavirus vaccine.

19 September 2011

Women in health clinic

Leaders call for new approach to women’s health

Government, UN and civil society leaders today called for a new approach to women’s healthcare to address the devastating impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases in low and middle-income countries.

16 September 2011


Burundi’s children set to receive pneumococcal vaccine

The Republic of Burundi will next week accelerate its fight against pneumonia, the world's biggest killer of children under five, when it becomes the tenth African country to introduce new pneumococcal vaccines.

25 May 2011

Bill Roedy

Former CEO of MTV networks Bill Roedy takes up fight against childhood disease

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) is proud to announce that Bill Roedy, the architect behind the internationally known MTV Networks, has joined the GAVI family to advocate for immunisation.

26 April 2011

Cervical Cancer Ribbbon

The fight against cervical cancer

Statement by the GAVI Alliance interim CEO, Helen Evans.

20 April 2011

Immunisation week highlights progress and challenges ahead

Saving the life of even one small child is always a big success. As we celebrate this year’s immunisation week, which begins on 23 April, we congratulate the World Health Organisation and all GAVI Alliance partners on the millions of child lives saved through immunisation.

14 April 2011

Alex Palacios

US support urged to help fund GAVI's mission

Alex Palacios, GAVI Special Representative, delivers statement before the House Appropriations Sub-committee on State and Foreign Operations, United States House of Representatives Washington DC.

01 April 2011

Agnes Binagwaho

Co-financing, an investment in our children

Dr Agnes Binagwaho, Permanent Secretary for Health at the Ministry of Health, explains why the Government of Rwanda is committed to GAVI's co-financing policy.

31 March 2011

Rwanda health clinic group lecture

Rwanda immunisation brings benefits for mothers

Rwanda health centre takes advantage of routine immunisation visits to teach mothers about benefits of family planning.

10 March 2011


Co-financing of GAVI vaccines on the increase

Since 2008, the number of countries required to co-finance new and underused vaccines supplied by GAVI has nearly doubled from 26 to 47 in 2010.

15 December 2010

UNICEF Rwanda YouTube video

UNICEF video: 1 September 2010 - UNICEF's Guy Hubbard reports from Rwanda on the successful implementation of a programme to immunize children against pneumonia.

01 December 2010

GAVI Alliance Board statement on World AIDS Day

Recognising advances in the fight against HIV and AIDS and its impact on children in developing countries, the GAVI Alliance Board marked World AIDS Day by expressing solidarity with all those working to reduce mother-to-child transmission.

01 December 2010

GAVI Alliance set to save four million lives by 2015

More than 240 million additional children will be immunised in the next five years saving four million lives, but only if the GAVI Alliance receives the funds required to accelerate the introduction of new and under-used vaccines in the developing world.

01 December 2010

Gavi Board minutes 2010

List of all 2010 Board meetings with links to full minutes, the decisions and downloads of 'Final Minutes' documents:

30 November 2010

Kigali Board - field visit Dagfinn

GAVI Alliance Board elects Dagfinn Høybråten as new Chair

Former Norwegian Minister of Health and current member of parliament Dagfinn Høybråten was unanimously elected by the GAVI Alliance Board as its new Chair, GAVI announced on the first day of its board meeting taking place in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

30 November 2010

GAVI Board meeting, 30 Nov - 01 Dec 2010

The Ministry of Health of Rwanda hosted this meeting in which Dagfinn Høybråten was appointed as Board Chair, succeeding Mary Robinson who was recognised for her commitment and leadership to ensure all children have access to immunisation.

Also, the Board approved GAVI’s 2011 business plan and budget.

Field trips were organised in district hospitals and health centers.

27 September 2010

Rwanda health clinic 2010 - injection

Rwanda's pneumococcal vaccine roll-out, one year on

It has been a little over a year since Rwanda introduced a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine known as PCV7. The vaccine protects children against one of the most common causes of pneumonia – with encouraging results.

16 June 2010

Child waving progress report 2009 front

GAVI urges donors to tackle biggest child killers

Marking the Day of the African Child, the GAVI Alliance is launching its 10th anniversary Progress Report that lays out the achievements of developing countries in saving children's lives through immunisation.

21 May 2010

Rwanda health clinic 2010 - injection

Governments unite against pneumonia

The GAVI Alliance welcomes the commitment made by nations at the World Health Assembly in Geneva today to combat the world's biggest killer of children under five.

13 November 2009

Health ministers urge donors to maintain focus on new life-saving vaccines

Over 20 health ministers from developing countries have appealed to donors to maintain their commitment to immunisation programmes ahead of a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, next week.

19 August 2009

The Gambia introduces vaccine against pneumococcal disease

Minister of Health Dr. Mariatou Jallow administers the first dose of the pneumococcal vaccine to Gambian children at a rural clinic outside Banjul.

19 May 2009

Developing countries increasingly help finance purchase of life-saving vaccines

Twenty seven countries contribute to vaccine costs through the GAVI Alliance; up from just six in 2007.

29 April 2009

Children must not pay the price of global financial crisis

Scientists, economists, health experts and NGOs mark the European Day of Immunology with urgent appeal to the G8.

24 April 2009

Rwanda becomes first developing nation to introduce the pneumococcal vaccine

International leaders in global health set to join Rwandan government officials at a press conference in Kigali to announce the first national immunisation programme against pneumococcal disease in a developing country.

26 November 2008

GAVI Alliance to vaccinate an additional 6.6 million children against three killer diseases

Alliance commits US$ 134 million but warns of funding challenges to introduce new support against cervical cancer, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis and rubella.

15 November 2006

EU Commission scales up fight against childhood disease

The GAVI Alliance is announcing today that the European Commission is committing €10 million in new financing to accelerate access to new and underused vaccines in three low-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

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