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Approved proposals

All eligible countries are invited to submit proposals for Gavi support. 

Proposal for NVS - IPV support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 01 April 2015

Proposal for NVS - MR campaign support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 15 February 2013

Proposal for NVS - Penta and ISS support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 24 July 2008

Proposal for HSS funding: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 12 May 2007

Proposal for NVS - MSD support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 12 May 2007

Proposal for ISS support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 07 February 2007

Proposal for INS support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 01 November 2002

Proposal for NVS - Hep B support: Vietnam
Date of Gavi approval: 01 June 2001

Annual progress reports

Countries receiving and implementing Gavi support submit annual progress reports to the monitoring team of the Independent Review Committee (IRC). Receipt of annual progress reports is a condition for continued support from Gavi. The IRC monitoring team assesses the reports and provides recommendations for approval to the Gavi Board. 

Comprehensive multi-year plans/Financial sustainability plans

The comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP) is a single plan which consolidates several immunisation activities. It is a key planning and management tool for national immunisation programmes. It addresses global, national, and subnational immunisation objectives and strategies, and evaluates the costs and financing of the programme in line with the WHO-UNICEF Global Immunization Vision and Strategy 2006-2015. Gavi requires countries to submit a cMYP along with the standard proposal form when applying for Gavi support (ISS, INS, and NVS). In 2006, over 50 countries had developed cMYPs using the WHO-UNICEF cMYP guidelines and costing tool.
The cMYP replaces the financial sustainability plan (FSP), used to assess the funding challenges of a country's national immunisation programme within the broader health financing context and to describe the government’s approach to mobilising and effectively using resources to support medium- and long-term immunisation objectives. 

HSS evaluation

The HSS evaluation team visited several countries (in depth country studies) and conducted a number of country desk reviews (Country desk studies).

HSS tracking study

The HSS tracking study was undertaken as a complementary more in depth country perspective that helped highlight implementation issues in six countries.

HSS tracking study
Year: 2009

Decision Letters and Partnerships Agreements

The Decision Letter or Partnership Framework Agreement provides a summary of the details of the new approval or continuation of a Gavi window of support, following the independent review of a new application or annual progress report submitted by a country.

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