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  • Gavi Mid-Term Review meeting, Oct. 2013


    The Gavi Mid-Term Review (MTR) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, assessed the Vaccine Alliance’s progress in delivering on the goals set at the 2011 Pledging Conference.

  • Contributions & pledges over time


    Donor profiles show who's given what to Gavi


  • Pneumococcal AMC

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    The Advance Market Commitment uses US$1.5 billion in donor commitments to incentivise vaccine production, ensuring sufficient supplies are produced for developing countries at a fraction of the cost to industrialised countries.

  • IFFIm.org

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    The International Finance Facility for Immunisation uses long- term donor pledges to issue vaccine bonds in the capital markets to raise money for Gavi programmes.

  • Gavi Matching Fund


    Under the Gavi Matching Fund, the British Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged to match contributions from corporations, foundations, their customers, employees and business partners.

  • Direct contributions


    Multi-year pledges and commitments are crucial to sustaining Gavi's ongoing programmes and its ability to fund new vaccines.

  • Public-private partnerships

    Public-private Partnership

    Corporations, private individuals & foundations play a vital role in meeting Gavi needs, accounting for 24% of 2000 to 2010 funding.

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