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  • Proceeds to Gavi from donor contributions & pledges (2016-2020) as of 30 June 2017



    Note: Proceeds are funds made available to Gavi from donor contributions and commitments, either through cash payments made to Gavi, through frontloading via the capital markets of a future donor commitment to IFFIm, or through AMC funds released to Gavi via the World Bank. IFFIm proceeds are allocated over five year periods coinciding with Gavi’s strategic periods. Proceeds for the current and future strategic periods are indicative until the end of each period and could be revised following changes in market conditions (interest rates or foreign exchange rates), the signing of new pledge(s) and/or changes in IFFIm’s disbursement profile.

  • Contributions and pledges over time (US$ millions)


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    Direct Contributions (including Matching Fund)
    Received contributions: non-US$ contributions for 2000-2016 and Q1-Q2 2017are expressed in US$ equivalents using the exchange rates on the dates of receipt.  For 2014, 2015, 2016 and Q1-Q2 2017, where contributions were hedged to mitigate currency risk exposure, these have been expressed using the rates applicable to the hedge agreement.

    Future contributions: non-US$ Direct Contribution and Matching Fund pledges for Q3-Q4 2017 and years 2018 and beyond are expressed in US$ equivalents using the applicable 'forecast rates' from Bloomberg as at 30 June 2017 or using the rates applicable to any hedge agreement in place.

    IFFIm contributions
    Received contributions: non-US$ contributions for 2000-2016 are expressed in US$ equivalents as confirmed by the IBRD (World Bank).

    Future contributions: non-US$ contributions are expressed in US$ equivalents as follows:

    • Where the contribution agreement has been signed: contributions are expressed in US$ equivalents using the exchange rates at the time of signing the respective donor grant agreements
    • Where the contribution agreement has not yet been signed: non-US$ pledges for years 2017 and beyond are expressed in US$ equivalents using the applicable 'forecast rates' from Bloomberg as at 30 June 2017
    • These contributions have not been reduced by a notional 3% provision to allow for any potential reduction arising from the High Level Financing Condition of the IFFIm Finance Framework Agreement.


  • Funding history

    Canada is recognised as an anchor donor of the Vaccine Alliance, leading global efforts to reduce the burden of infectious diseases through vaccination. Child health has long been one of Canada’s top development priorities, and many of the countries it supports are Gavi-eligible countries. Canada has invested consistently in immunisation, including through contributions to the Canadian International Immunisation Initiative (C-III) between 1998 and 2013 and as a top-five donor to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) since 1988.

    For more than a decade, Canada’s commitment to Gavi has played an essential role in addressing the needs of children in developing countries by accelerating the availability of new vaccines, notably through the Advanced Market Commitment (AMC), as well as enhancing early supply chain work.

    A Gavi donor since 2002, Canada is a founding member of the Pneumococcal Advance Market Commitment (AMC). Between 2002 and 2010 Canada contributed USD 277 million to Gavi including USD 152 million (CAD 188 million) in direct contributions and USD 125 million through the AMC. Canada’s total commitment to the AMC is USD 200 million. In addition to its AMC contributions for 2011-2015, Canada pledged an additional CAD 65 million in direct contributions to Gavi for 2011-2015, and confirmed a direct grant of CAD 20 million in 2013 for Gavi’s Measles Supplementary Immunisation Activities (MSIA) programme. In March 2014, Canada contributed two additional CAD 20 million grants, respectively to support the Vaccine Alliance’s Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy and francophone countries’ immunisation activities - contributions that are counted under the Muskoka Initiative.

    Canada pledged CAD 500 million to Gavi in November 2014 to support immunisation in development countries for the period 2016-2020, more than doubling the nation’s total contribution to Gavi. This was announced by the Canadian Prime Minister at the Francophonie Summit in Dakar, Senegal. This pledge was signed in September 2015 by Global Affairs Canada (formerly DFATD) Assistant Deputy Minister and Gavi’s CEO.

    At Gavi’s pledging conference on 27 January 2015 in Berlin, Germany, the Minister for Development and la Francophonie announced an increase in Canada’s pledge by an additional CAD 20 million as part of a new initiative in partnership with Gavi to scale-up immunisation in specific priority countries.

    Gavi recognises Canada’s leadership as a champion in improving the health of women and children, continuing to advocate for the political will to end preventable child deaths and promoting the advancement of women and girls’ rights.

    Contributions and pledges in total:

    • Direct funding (2002-2015): USD 271.3 million;
    • AMC (2009-2014): USD 200 million;
    • New pledge (2016-2020): CAD 520 million (USD 398.3 million) in direct funding.
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