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  • Proceeds to Gavi from donor contributions & pledges (2016-2020) as of 30 September 2016



    Note: Proceeds are funds made available to Gavi from donor contributions and commitments, either through cash payments made to Gavi, through frontloading via the capital markets of a future donor commitment to IFFIm, or through AMC funds released to Gavi via the World Bank. Future IFFIm proceeds from new pledges made at the Berlin pledging conference are indicative and are based on certain assumptions including future interest rates and foreign exchange rates generated from financial market data, and donor payment schedules. These assumptions may differ from conditions prevailing at the time of grant and legal agreement signing, which may result in different projected and realised IFFIm proceeds.

  • Contributions and pledges over time (US$ millions)


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    Non-US dollar contributions for 2000-2015 are expressed in US dollar equivalents using the exchange rates on the dates of receipt. For 2014 and 2015, where contributions were hedged to mitigate currency risk exposure, have been expressed using the rates applicable to the hedge agreement.

    Non-US dollar Direct Contribution and Matching Fund pledges for years 2016 and beyond are expressed in US dollar equivalents using the forecast rates from Bloomberg as at 30 September 2016 as follows: pledges for which an agreement has been signed (for the year 2016: using the forecast rate for Q4-2016; and for the years 2017 onwards: using an average of the available yearly forecast rates), for agreements yet to be signed (using an average of available yearly forecast rates for 2016 onwards; for 2016 this consists of an average of the forecasted quarterly rates). Pledges for these years for which contributions have already been received are expressed in US dollar equivalents using the exchange rates on the dates of receipt. Non-US dollar pledges that have been hedged to mitigate currency risk exposure are expressed in US dollar equivalents using the exchange rates stated in the hedge agreements.

    Signed non-US dollar IFFIm pledges are expressed in US dollar equivalents using the exchange rates at the time of signing the respective donor grant agreements. Unsigned non-US dollar IFFIm pledges are expressed in US dollar equivalents using an average of the available yearly forecast rates from Bloomberg. These contributions have not been reduced by a notional 3% provision to allow for any potential reduction arising from the High Level Financing Condition of the IFFIm Finance Framework Agreement.

    Additional note regarding FX rates (pertaining to outstanding pledges denominated in non-USD currencies): In light of the unprecedented volatility in FX rates in recent months, Gavi has decided to update its methodology for estimating the USD equivalent value of non-USD denominated contributions: Gavi will update its FX rate assumptions for future years using the average of the annual FX forecasted rates as published by Bloomberg at the end of each calendar quarter (or as otherwise in line with its bi-annual long-term forecasting process). This methodology is consistent with that shared and agreed with donors in Berlin in January 2015 at Gavi’s pledging meeting.

  • Funding history

    Gavi’s model strongly matches Ireland’s priorities - Ireland emphasises that the provision of development aid is not enough on its own and that governments and countries must take ownership of their development.

    Gavi’s focus on the world’s poorest and fragile countries is closely aligned with Ireland’s emphasis on the world’s poorest countries, Africa and fragile states.

    Health and the strengthening of health systems are an important development priority making Gavi an obvious choice for investment. An additional priority is ensuring that all development is sustainable: "Achieving real and lasting results will be central to the way that we plan, make decisions, implement, monitor, evaluate and provide accountability for our actions and programmes."

    Ireland has strong commitment to multilateral aid (eg. working to ensure that the UN system is more efficient and effective, playing part in ensuring that the EU continues to deliver aid that is effective and assists those most in need. Greater engagement with African and regional institutions and continued support for global funds and programmes). Public engagement in Ireland’s aid programme is high.

    Ireland aid policy is committed to openness, transparency and accountability (eg. delivering on international commitments on aid transparency, publishing results, meeting Human Rights obligations and continuing engagement with the OECD DAC).

    During the 2015 pledging conference in Berlin, Ireland pledged EUR 3 million for 2015 and EUR 15 million for 2016-2020, a 50% increase compared to yearly levels over the previous cycle.

    Contributions and pledges in total:

    • Direct funding (2002-2015): USD 45.2 million;
    • New pledge (2016-2020): EUR 15 million in direct funding.
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