• How Gavi is funded

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  • Gavi’s unique funding model draws heavily on private sector thinking to help overcome the historic limitations to development funding for immunisation

    Gavi funding by proceeds

    Gavi’s two funding streams, innovative finance and direct contributions account for 25% and 75% respectively of the Vaccine Alliance’s overall funding portfolio.

  • Direct contributions

    Multi-year pledges and commitments are crucial to sustaining Gavi's ongoing programmes and its ability to fund new vaccines.

  • Public-private partnerships

    Public-private partnerships Corporations, private individuals & foundations play a vital role in meeting Gavi needs, accounting for 21% of 2000 to 2020 funding.

  • >109 million

    By the end of 2016, 57 countries had immunised more than 109 million children against pneumococcal disease with support from the Vaccine Alliance.

    WHO/UNICEF 2017

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