How Gavi-eligible countries apply

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Countries can apply for pneumococcal vaccine support through the Gavi application procedure

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Gavi eligible countries applying for Gavi funding support for the introduction of pneumococcal vaccine do not need to complete a separate application and simply need to follow Gavi's standard application procedures.

In addition, in June 2010, the Gavi Board approved the grandfathering of the AMC such that all countries that were eligible for Gavi support at the time of signature of the AMC legal agreements – in June 2009 – are still able to access pneumococcal vaccines through Gavi at the AMC terms and conditions.

On the recommendation of an Independent Review Committee, the Gavi Board approves the budget for vaccine introduction and annually reviews country progress.

To date, 51 Gavi-eligible countries have been approved to receive pneumococcal vaccine support; Gavi plans to support the rollout of pneumococcal vaccines in more than 50 countries by 2015.

Map of countries approved for Gavi's pneumococcal vaccine support

Countries approved for pneumococcal support 

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