UNICEF Call for Supply Offers

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A Call for Supply Offers may be issued once per calendar year or more or less frequently if so decided by Gavi in consultation with UNICEF following the publication of the updated Strategic Demand Forecast

All AMC Registered Manufacturers can submit offers to UNICEF within 20 business days from the Call of Supply Offers. UNICEF can only enter into supply agreements with those manufacturers whose vaccine is AMC eligible.

UNICEF can enter into provisional supply agreements with manufacturers as soon as their vaccine is accepted for review by WHO's prequalification team; the agreement remains provisional until the vaccines are deemed AMC-eligible by the Independent Assessment Committee.

The pneumo Strategic Demand Forecast (version 0.1) was published on 7 August 2009. Subsequently, UNICEF published a first call for supply offers on 4 September 2009. Four offers were received by the closing date on 2 October 2009.

Following the publication of the Strategic Demand Forecast (version 3.0) on 11 March 2011, UNICEF in consultation with Gavi agreed to publish a second call for Supply Offers on 8 April 2011. Four offers were received by the closing date on 6 May 2011.

UNICEF and Gavi agreed to the issuance of a new Call for Supply Offers following the publication of the Strategic Demand Forecast (version 5.0) on 13 August 2012.


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