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11 November 2011

World Pneumonia Day 2011 event at GAVI Alliance

Video highlights from a special event to mark World Pneumonia Day 2011 and the first anniversary of the introduction of vaccines against pneumococccal disease.

09 November 2011

World Pneumonia Day 2011

Watch the latest installment in the World Pneumonia Day video series, and the essential part that childhood vaccination can play in combatting pneumonia.

17 October 2011

Seth Berkley at the Institute of Medicine

Seth's keynote speech during the 41st Annual Meeting of the Institute of Medicine, 17 October 2011. Introduced by Jo Ivey Boufford, MD, President of The New York Academy of Medicine.

27 September 2011

GAVI press conference following announcement of vaccine funding for 37 more countries

View the press conference organised with the African Press Organisation featuring: Seth Berkley MD, GAVI CEO; Dr. John Wecker, Director of Vaccine Access and Delivery, PATH; Dr. Catherine Sanga, Health Attaché, Permanent Mission of Tanzania to the UN in Geneva. Moderated by Dan Thomas, Head, Media and Communications, GAVI.

26 September 2011

Interview with rotavirus expert Dr Manish Patel

Dr Manish Patel, medical epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control, explains how rotavirus affects young children and why it is such a global health issue in developing countries.

26 September 2011

The introduction of rotavirus vaccines in Africa

The roll out of rotavirus vaccines in Africa has begun. In this five-minute film, immunisation experts, health workers and mothers from Sudan and Tanzania talk about the need for the vaccines and their hope for the future.

21 September 2011

Seth Berkley NCD video blog on Every Woman Every Child event and UNF vaccine panel

Seth comments on the Secretary General's Every Woman and Every Child event that took place last night (September 20th) as well as the UN Foundation's Breakfast Vaccine Panel that he particiated in this morning with Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Susan Mackay, and Peg Willingham.

21 September 2011

GAVI and the MDGs

An animated film showing how the GAVI Alliance works with a broad range of public and private sector partners to reach children in developing countries with vaccines.

20 September 2011

Seth Berkley NCD video blog on launch of Shot@Life global vaccine campaign

GAVI CEO Seth Berkley comments on UN Foundation's Shot@Life global vaccine campaign that was launched on 19 September.

19 September 2011

Seth Berkley video blog from the UN Summit on non-communicable diseases (NCD)

Listen to GAVI CEO, Seth Berkley, comment on the roll out of this week's pneumococcal vaccine in Burundi, and an article in the New York Times (19 September 2011) commenting on WHO's cost effective recommendations on combating NCDs.

16 September 2011

Dr Seth Berkley on UN Summit of non-communicable diseases

GAVI Alliance CEO, Dr Seth Berkley, speaks about his upcoming visit to New York to take part in the UN High Level meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) and other meetings.

07 July 2011

Immunisation advocacy campaign in Malawi

Through the GAVI Alliance's initiative, hundreds of thousands of children have been saved in Malawi, where civil society organisations are appealing to the government to support the health sector.

13 June 2011

“Saving children’s lives - the GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation”

Speeches and footage from the GAVI Alliance Pledging conference in London.

13 June 2011

Highlights from the GAVI pledging conference for immunisation

View highlights from the pledging conference for immunisation on 13 June 2011.

13 June 2011

Press conference footage from the GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation

The pledging conference attracted intense media coverage, serving to highlight the compelling need for increasing access to vaccines in developing countries.

13 June 2011

Past, Present and Future: The GAVI Alliance animation

This 90-second animated film, produced for the 13 June Pledging Conference for Immunisation in London, highlights the success of the GAVI Alliance in saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing access to immunisation in developing countries. It ends looking to GAVI's next phase.

13 June 2011

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia - Part 1 of 2

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf delivers her speech during the GAVI Alliance Pledging Conference for Immunisation in London.

08 June 2011

Sierra Leone - Mothers and doctors appeal for immunisation

Sierra Leone has one of the world's highest infant mortality rates. Mothers and doctors give an emotional appeal to donors to support two new vaccines to fight pneumonia and diarrhoea.

01 June 2011

IFFIm supporting GAVI

See how IFFIm's “vaccine bonds” fund immunisation.

01 June 2011

4 Hours to Save 4 Million Lives - saving lives through vaccinations

Save the Children UK's video highlighting to world leaders that they had 4 hours to save 4 million lives when they met on June 13th at the pledging conference for immunisation in London.

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  • Save the Children UK

30 May 2011

Meningitis A in Burkina Faso

MenAfriVac, a new vaccine against Meningococcal Meningitis seroptype Nm A, is expected to prevent meningitis epidemics in Africa's "meningitis belt" of 25 countries that stretch from Senegal in the west to Ethiopia in the east.

16 May 2011

Pentavalent vaccination in Madagascar

Between 1990 and 2010 Madagascar was one of just six countries to reduce its under-five child mortality rates by more than 60%, showing that even in the most difficult circumstances, immunisation and other basic interventions play key roles in preventing disease and saving lives.

16 May 2011

Immunisation clinic in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Parents bring their children for immunisation with the pentavalent vaccine at a clinic in downtown Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

02 May 2011

Global Vaccines 202X

Dr. Seth Berkley discusses the need to strengthen the vaccine continuum - from development to delivery (3-part).

02 May 2011

Realizing the Potential of Global Vaccines - Part 2 of 3

Seth Berkley: Realizing the Potential of Global Vaccines - Part 2 of 3.

02 May 2011

Realizing the Potential of Global Vaccines - Part 3 of 3

Seth Berkley: Realizing the Potential of Global Vaccines - Part 3 of 3.

11 March 2011

Pneumococcal vaccine global launch

This year, millions of children will receive the new pneumococcal vaccine, which protects against the world's biggest killer of children, pneumonia. By supporting the introduction of this new vaccine to more than 40 countries, GAVI aims to prevent some 700,000 deaths by 2015 and up to seven million deaths by 2030.

14 February 2011

Kenya pneumococcal launch ceremony 14 Feb 2011

Watch highlights from the pneumococcal launch ceremony at Kenya’s International Conference Centre.

29 January 2011

New pneumococcal vaccines bring hope to parents in Yemen

Pneumonia is the leading killer of children under five in Yemen, with acute respiratory diseases accounting for 20 to 23 per cent of the country’s infant deaths.


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