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18 December 2008

TPP Master Table

The master table of the target product profile (TPP), product specifications, relate to the public health impact and suitability of the product. 

18 December 2008

TPP Supplementary Information

Supplementary informational for the target product profile (TPP) including general information, vaccine characteristics relevant to the TPP, contributors and WHO policy documents. 

11 December 2008

Minutes from December 2008 meeting

Minutes from the AMC Independent Assessment Committee (IAC) meeting on 11 December 2008.

30 November 2008

TPP Codebook

Codebook to assess whether a pneumococcal vaccine meets the Pneumococcal AMC Target Product Profile for regional vaccine serotype coverage.

13 November 2008

Monitoring and Evaluability Study

The report was commissioned by the Monitoring & Evaluation Subgroup of the AMC Donor Committee in August 2007. The monitoring and evaluation proposals contained in this report have been designed to enable the effectiveness, efficiency and eventual impact of this pilot AMC to be measured over time and to assist with its effective management.

03 November 2008

Minutes from November 2008 meeting

Minutes from the AMC Independent Assessment Committee (IAC) meeting on 3 November 2008.

10 July 2008

Implementation Working Group (IWG) Report

This report presents the group’s operational recommendations to inform donors’ decisions on AMC design and implementation. It is intended as an addendum to the EEG report, rather than a stand-alone document; therefore, readers will find a number of cross-references.

10 July 2008

IWG Joint Donor Statement

 In February 2007, a collective US$1.5 billion for a pilot Advance Market Commitment (AMC) against pneumococcal disease was pledged by the Governments of Italy, the UK, Canada, Russia and Norway, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The report recommends the terms on which the AMC will be offered to help developing countries buy new, more effective pneumococcal vaccines.

01 April 2008

Economic Expert Group (EEG) Report

A report prepared by the Economic Expert Group convened by the GAVI Alliance to provide guidance to the pneumococcal AMC donors about key design decisions using new information available from industry consultations, demand forecasts and modeling of returns to industry under various demand and price scenarios.

17 March 2008

All-Party Parlimentary Group on Pneumococcal Disease Report

This report summarises the results of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in the Developing World (APPG) inquiry into pneumococcal disease in the developing world.


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