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15 December 2014

Pneumococcal AMC OECD GDP Deflator Data

Pneumococcal AMC: OECD GDP Deflator Data Purpose: As per the Pneumococcal AMC Inflation Review Application Process, listed below is the OECD GDP Deflator to be used to calculate an inflation adjustment request. BASE QTR Q2-2009 Q2-2010 Q2-2011 Q2-2012 Q2-2013 Q2-2014 Q2-2015 Q2-2016 Q2-2017 Q2-2018 Q2-2019 Q2-2020 Q2-2

13 June 2014

Remaining AMC offer amount: June 2014

As of 12 June 2014, the Remaining AMC Offer Amount, corresponding to the AMC funds still available for allocation to industry, is: US $ 405,000,000.

24 April 2014

IAC Members

List of IAC members.

28 March 2014

Pneumo Strategic Demand Forecast - Version 8_0

Published 28 March 2014 PNEUMOCOCCAL CONJUGATE VACCINE Strategic Demand Forecast Version 8.0. This version 8.0 is issued in accordance with the GAVI Forecasting Standard Operating Procedure.


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