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24 May 2016

Guidelines on reporting and renewals in 2016 for all types of support

These guidelines provide guidance on the reporting process and requirements for all types of Gavi support. They also provide guidance on how a country requests renewal of support.

04 April 2016

Product Switch Budget Template

Budget template for product and/or presentation switches for Gavi-supported vaccines. This document is intended to be used by countries applying for a Gavi product switch grant. [French] [Spanish] [Russian] 

04 April 2016

PCV 4-dose vials FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the 4-dose vials of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. [French] [Spanish] [Russian] 

25 February 2016

How to plan and conduct a joint appraisal

This guidance is intended for country stakeholders, alliance partners and Gavi Secretariat staff involved in planning and conducting the joint appraisal. This document explains the purpose and objectives of the joint appraisal and outlines suggested steps to organize a successful appraisal process.

25 February 2016

Frequently asked questions about the joint appraisal

Frequently asked questions about the joint appraisal.

25 February 2016

How to develop the joint appraisal report

This document accompanies the “Joint Appraisal Report Template” (Word file) and provides guidance to the joint appraisal team on how to develop the report. The content provided in each section of this document is intended to guide the appraisal discussions to ensure the relevant range of issues is covered in the appraisal and is sufficiently addressed in the final report.

01 January 2016

Guidance on financial reporting

Gavi Financial Management & Audit Requirements outline the principles and requirements for recipients of Gavi support applicable as of 1st January 2016. Accompanying these guidelines are a set of templates and examples for use.

18 December 2015

CCE Platform Application Instructions

Instructions for the CCE Optimisation Platform Application.

20 October 2015

Performance Framework Overview

An overview of the definition, content, use and introduction of the performance framework.

16 October 2015

MCV2 & MR guidelines

Specific guidelines on applications for measles second dose and measles-rubella vaccines under Gavi’s new and underused vaccine support (NVS).


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