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20 November 2013

FAQ - Civil Society Access to GAVI Pricing for Vaccines

1 Civil society access to GAVI pricing for vaccines Frequently asked questions September 2013 1. Does GAVI support the delivery of immunisation services by civil society organisations? GAVI recognises the key role that civil society organisations (CSOs) play in the national immunisation programmes of many countries. 2.

14 June 2013

Frequently asked questions about Gavi's co-financing

Frequently asked questions about co-financing.

26 March 2013

Request form for emergency response

As outlined in the GAVI policy on fragility and immunisation, GAVI will provide one-off flexibilities in order to help protect immunisation systems and existing GAVI support in countries experiencing time-limited emergencies. This form is developed to assist countries in such emergency circumstances wanting to apply for these flexibilities.

22 March 2013

CSO Implementation and Results Framework

The GAVI Board has decided that HSS will be the single window for GAVI cash grants. GAVI support for CSOs will be part of a country Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) proposal to improve immunisation outcomes. The document presents why and how GAVI works with and supports CSOs in programme implementation.


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