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21 August 2015

FAQ - Civil Society Access to GAVI Pricing for Vaccines

1 Civil society access to GAVI pricing for vaccines Frequently asked questions September 2013 1. Does GAVI support the delivery of immunisation services by civil society organisations? GAVI recognises the key role that civil society organisations (CSOs) play in the national immunisation programmes of many countries. 2.

03 August 2015

Gavi's grant application, monitoring and review redesign

Overview of how Gavi is enhancing its routine grant monitoring and reporting.

30 June 2015

FAQ - Grant management change process

The Gavi Alliance grant management change process Frequently asked questions May 2015 Overall change process 1. How was it decided that grant management changes were needed? Over recent years, through a series of consultation sessions, the Gavi Alliance Board, Programme and Policy Committee (PPC), partners, countries,

20 April 2015

How to plan and conduct a joint appraisal

This guidance is intended for country stakeholders, alliance partners and Gavi Secretariat staff involved in planning and conducting the joint appraisal. This document explains the purpose and objectives of the joint appraisal and outlines suggested steps to organize a successful appraisal process.

20 April 2015

How to develop the joint appraisal report

This document accompanies the “Joint Appraisal Report Template” (Word file) and provides guidance to the joint appraisal team on how to develop the report. The content provided in each section of this document is intended to guide the appraisal discussions to ensure the relevant range of issues is covered in the appraisal and is sufficiently addressed in the final report.


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