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10 November 2009

GAVI Secretariat management response to the Health Systems Strengthening support evaluation 2009

This paper provides the Secretariat’s response to HLSP’s “GAVI Health Systems Strengthening Support Evaluation 2009” of 8 October 2009.

10 November 2009

World Bank response to the GAVI Health System Strengthening evaluation

The World Bank appreciates the opportunity to comment on the GAVI Health System Strengthening (HSS) Evaluation conducted by HLSP. The document contains much useful information but may require some fine-tuning regarding its key findings/recommendations.

01 November 2009

Health Systems Strengthening tracking study

In August 2008, GAVI awarded JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) a contract to work with its partner organisation in Sweden, InDevelop-Institute of Public Management to jointly implement the GAVI HSS tracking study. The tracking study was designed to provide real-time evidence regarding the technical, managerial, and policy processes for the successful implementation of GAVI HSS grants in a set of six countries.

08 October 2009

GAVI Health Systems Strengthening support evaluation 2009: Volume 2 key findings and recommendations

The evaluation's main recommendations are expected to contribute to inform the GAVI Board decision in 2010 about whether or not to increase the funding available to the GAVI Health System Strengthening (HSS) support window; to improve current and future implementation of GAVI HSS; to enhance the quality of the GAVI HSS evaluation planned for 2012.

30 September 2009

GAVI Health Systems Strengthening support evaluation 2009: Volume 2 full evaluation report

The evaluation objectives included: the experience at country level with GAVI HSS, the main strengths and areas of improvement of GAVI HSS at the country level; how has GAVI HSS been supported at regional and global levels; what has been the value-added of funding HSS through GAVI; and what needs to be done on all levels for a more in-depth evaluation of imapact of GAVI HSS in 2012.

27 March 2009

Oxford Declaration - cervical cancer in Africa

The Oxford Declaration is a call to action on the prevention of cervical cancer in Africa; agreed upon by members on 27 March 2009.

05 January 2009

Vaccine Investment Strategy – GAVI’s strategic approach

GAVI s strategic approach GAVI is developing a comprehensive vaccine investment strategy in 2008 to determine which vaccines it will offer to countries in the future, ensuring the best use of resources and maximum immunisation impact.

01 January 2009

Evaluation of GAVI's Injection Safety Support

This report presents the findings of an evaluation commissioned by the GAVI Alliance to analyze the sustainability of its Injection Safety (INS) support. In 2002, GAVI started providing INS support to national immunization programs to introduce or increase the use of Auto-Disable (AD) syringes. The support came in two forms: 1) in-kind, in the form of AD syringes and safety boxes, and 2) in cash, for those countries that already had a secure, multi-year source of AD syringes and safety boxes, but proposed to use INS support for other injection safety activities.


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