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22 December 2014

Gavi and Ebola - FAQ

Gavi and Ebola - Frequently asked questions.

15 December 2014

Pneumococcal AMC OECD GDP Deflator Data

Pneumococcal AMC: OECD GDP Deflator Data Purpose: As per the Pneumococcal AMC Inflation Review Application Process, listed below is the OECD GDP Deflator to be used to calculate an inflation adjustment request. BASE QTR Q2-2009 Q2-2010 Q2-2011 Q2-2012 Q2-2013 Q2-2014 Q2-2015 Q2-2016 Q2-2017 Q2-2018 Q2-2019 Q2-2020 Q2-2

18 August 2014

GAVI HSS Grant Categorisation 2014

This table is intended to provide ideas of HSS activities to applicants and to allow GAVI to analyse its HSS support by type of grants.

03 July 2014

Process evaluation of Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction – GAVI Alliance Response

Process evaluation of Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction – GAVI Alliance Response.

03 July 2014

Process evaluation report of Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction in Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia

Process evaluation report of Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction in Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia.

01 July 2014

GNI per capita 2013

Gross national income per capita 2013.

13 June 2014

Remaining AMC offer amount: June 2014

As of 12 June 2014, the Remaining AMC Offer Amount, corresponding to the AMC funds still available for allocation to industry, is: US $ 405,000,000.

01 May 2014

2014 Pneumococcal AMC Annual Report

This progress report presents an overview of the activities linked to the implementation of the pneumococcal AMC from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. It was developed by the AMC Secretariat at GAVI, in collaboration with the World Bank and UNICEF’s Supply Division, and was approved by the Independent Assessment Committee on 1 May 2014.

24 April 2014

IAC Members

List of IAC members.

31 March 2014

GAVI FCE Annual Progress Report

This report is the first annual progress report for the Full Country Evaluations project. It summarises work done in 2013 and evaluation activities to be taken forward in 2014.

31 March 2014

HSS Country ceilings

Country ceilings and maximum annual amounts for budgeting for GAVI Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) grant applications.

28 March 2014

Pneumo Strategic Demand Forecast - Version 8_0

Published 28 March 2014 PNEUMOCOCCAL CONJUGATE VACCINE Strategic Demand Forecast Version 8.0. This version 8.0 is issued in accordance with the GAVI Forecasting Standard Operating Procedure.

10 March 2014

Delivering results in HSS information sheet

Information sheet about measuring results for health system performance and improving data quality.

10 March 2014

Guidance on GAVI HSS approach and application process

Health system strengthening approach information sheet.

10 March 2014

Performance Based Funding information sheet

Information sheet about GAVI’s HSS Performance Based Funding.

10 March 2014

Human Papillomavirus vaccines information sheet

Human Papillomavirus vaccines information sheet.

10 March 2014

Japanese Encephalitis vaccines FAQ

Japanese Encephalitis vaccines Frequently Asked Questions.

14 February 2014

Overview of the public consultation on supply chain strategy

In July 2013 the GAVI Alliance held a public consultation to seek feedback from global and country stakeholders on a list of supply chain challenges and an emerging strategy framework to address those challenges. The consultation helped us map out and prioritise the activities needed to help strengthen immunization supply chain practices.


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