• International Women's Day: 8th March

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  • A day to highlight the power of vaccines to deliver on GAVI's promise for girls and women

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  • GAVI is committed to giving all children a good start in life by delivering life-saving vaccines to the poorest countries of the world.

    Our promise for girls is to deliver vaccines which can directly benefit their health: human papillomavirus vaccines against cervical cancer and rubella vaccines against congenital rubella syndrome.

    For girls in the developing world, a healthy childhood and adolescence is a key to a bright future. Everyday is International Women’s Day.

  • Professor Ian Frazer discusses his invention of the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer

  • International Women's Day news

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    10 January 2012

    Gender-related barriers to vaccination services-information note

    Guidance on how to include gender in health system strengthening funding requests based on national health strategies, using the GAVI-Global Fund joint Funding Request Template.

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    • Gavi

    01 December 2014

    Gavi Gender Policy FAQ

    Gavi Gender Policy Frequently asked questions.

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    • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
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    22 November 2013

    GAVI Alliance Gender Policy

    The goal of the GAVI Alliance Gender Policy is to increase immunisation coverage by supporting countries to overcome gender-related barriers to accessing immunisation services and to promote equity of access and utilisation for all girls and boys, women and men to immunisation and related health services that respond to their different health needs.

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