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10 March 2014

Guidance on GAVI HSS approach and application process

Health system strengthening approach information sheet.

10 March 2014

Performance Based Funding information sheet

Information sheet about GAVI’s HSS Performance Based Funding.

10 March 2014

Yellow Fever vaccines FAQ

Yellow Fever vaccines Frequently Asked Questions.

28 February 2014

GAVI 2014 application guidelines - IPV - Feb 2014

These guidelines are intended to inform applications submitted in 2014, updated guidelines will be issued for applications in 2015.

17 February 2014

GAVI IPV Programme Annex A Intro Plan template

Annex A. IPV introduction plan Countries are required to complete and submit a vaccine introduction plan for IPV. WHO has developed guidance to support countries in developing introduction vaccine introduction plans. For a template, please see the WHO web site:

17 February 2014

GAVI IPV Programme Annex C Timeline of Activities

Sheet3 Sheet2 Timeline for IPV introduction Activity Brief key stakeholders Review and revise immunization forms Clear vaccine supply from customs Implement training plan Submit progress report to GAVI Month of IPV introduction plan Confirm space at regional and district cold stores Implement communication

14 February 2014

GAVI HSS Proposal Form_February 2014

COUNTRY NAME: ______________ DATE OF APPLICATION: _______________ This proposal form is for use by applicants seeking to request Health System Strengthening (HSS) cash support from the GAVI Alliance. Countries are encouraged to part icipate in an iterative process with GAVI Alliance partne

14 February 2014

Guidelines for Completing GAVI HSS Proposal_February 2014

Guidelines for Application for GAVI Health System Strengthening Cash Support The GAVI Alliance 1 SUPPLEMENTARY GUIDELINES FOR HEALTH SYSTEM STRENGTHENING APPLICATIONS IN 2014 Health System Strengthening (HSS) Cash Support February 2014 This HSS Application Form and Guidelines replaces all previous forms. Previous versi

20 November 2013

FAQ - Civil Society Access to GAVI Pricing for Vaccines

1 Civil society access to GAVI pricing for vaccines Frequently asked questions September 2013 1. Does GAVI support the delivery of immunisation services by civil society organisations? GAVI recognises the key role that civil society organisations (CSOs) play in the national immunisation programmes of many countries. 2.

01 July 2013

GNI per capita 2012

Gross national income per capita 2012.

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