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15 November 2012


GAVI supports new vaccines for Myanmar’s children

Delegation of Australian and New Zealand politicians attends launch and sees first-hand the challenges facing the Southeast Asian country following years of isolation.

05 November 2012

Madagascar thumb

Madagascar mobilises health workers to introduce pneumococcal vaccine

Immunisation against primary cause of pneumonia kickstarts celebration of Mother and Child Health Week

01 November 2012

Flying Start salute

British Airways launches campaign to fund immunisation

British Airways launch a dynamic in-flight campaign to help raise funds for immunisation in developing countries – a collaboration with GAVI Matching Fund partner Comic Relief.

26 October 2012


Pentavalent vaccine to protect children in Timor Leste

Children in Timor Leste are set to receive protection from five major childhood diseases after the country’s introduction of pentavalent vaccine as part of its national immunisation programme.

12 October 2012

Kaberuka Bloom Berkley

Immunisation lauded as engine for economic growth

Child immunisation has the power to fundamentally change the economic progress of developing countries even beyond the basic benefit of saving lives and improving health.

11 October 2012


Congo introduces vaccine against pneumonia

The Republic of Congo has taken a big step in improving child health by introducing the pneumococcal vaccine, which protects children against one of the leading causes of pneumonia.

11 October 2012


GAVI initiatives applauded in Japan

GAVI’s success in partnering with the private sector highlighted at a global health symposium of Japanese companies in Tokyo.

10 October 2012


Dagfinn Høybråten thanks GAVI advocate Bono

GAVI Board Chair meets with Bono and European Commissioner for Development on Brussels visit

28 September 2012

Berkey-Evans Talk_thumb

GAVI and Global Poverty Project talk vaccines at Global Citizen Festival

Global Poverty Project CEO Hugh Evans and GAVI’s Seth Berkley talk about the power of vaccines ahead of the The Global Citizen Festival, an historic webcast and broadcast concert in Central Park, New York.

25 September 2012

Clinton, Kim, Rania, Ban Ki-Moon, Duke

GAVI surpasses commitment to Clinton Global Initiative

GAVI has raised more than double the amount of money it promised to secure from the private sector under a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, strengthening GAVI’s ability to provide pneumococcal and other lifesaving vaccines to developing countries.

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