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22 December 2011

Helen Evans

Q and A with Helen Evans on GAVI challenges and opportunities

In this special Q and A, GAVI’s Deputy CEO Helen Evans discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the Alliance after last June’s successful replenishment process.

21 December 2011

Malawi-Kids at Chifuchambewa village

Malawian mothers: three tales of suffering and hope

Three women explain how they lost babies to pneumonia because they live too far from health centres. Pneumococcal vaccine, now part of Malawi's immunisation programme, could have prevented their children's premature deaths. 

29 November 2011

IVI GAVI Meeting

International Vaccine Institute and GAVI to step up cooperation

Seth Berkley and Dr. Christian Loucq meet in Seoul, South Korea.

17 November 2011

Bangladesh schoolgirl Saleha Akhter and Helen Evans Board

Bangladeshi schoolgirl stars in GAVI film on immunisation success story

11-year-old Saleha Akhter becomes film narrator for a day to explain unprecedented vaccination rate

15 November 2011

Ban Ki-moon for GAVI in Bangladesh

HPV vaccine key to Every Woman Every Child, says UN Secretary General

Human papillomavirus vaccine will spare millions of women from threat of cervical cancer.

26 September 2011

Pneumococcal vaccine refugee camp Kenya

Vaccine protects refugee children entering Kenya from killer pneumonia

Following its introduction in Kenya, the pneumococcal vaccine is now protecting refugees from Somalia in Dadaab refugee camp.

21 September 2011

EWEC logo jpeg

Private sector engagement crucial for improving women’s and children’s health

Positive role of public-private partnerships helping to save 16 million lives through Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health.

19 September 2011

Shot at life logo

UN Foundation launches A Shot at Life

The United Nations Foundation has launched 'Shot@Life', a campaign aiming to expand access to lifesaving vaccines for children in developing countries.

03 August 2011

Seth Berkley

Seth Berkley starts work as new GAVI CEO

Former IAVI leader starts work as GAVI's third Chief Executive Officer, ready to lead the Alliance's ambitious five-year plans to introduce new vaccines against pneumococcal and rotavirus diseases, Meningitis A, HPV, rubella and Japanese encephalitis.

12 June 2011

Pledging Kevin Rudd

GAVI’s Pledging Conference gets off to a flying start

A number of public and private donors came forward with contributions to GAVI’s life saving mission this evening, ahead of tomorrow’s first GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation.

07 June 2011

Sierra Leone Abdul IV 2011

Cures are wonderful; prevention would be even better

Doune Porter, PATH, reports from Sierra Leone, where diseases such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, and malaria, often combined with malnutrition, take the heaviest toll on young children.

12 May 2011

Seth Berkley

Ten questions for Seth Berkley

GAVI's incoming CEO, Seth Berkley, provides an insight into his commitment to immunisation and his vision for the future of global health.

04 April 2011

DRC pneumo rollout ceremony

GAVI support kicks-off a healthy start into life for Congolese children

On 4 April the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) joined the set of six countries that use the new vaccine against pneumococcus to protect their children.

22 March 2011

Sierra Leone girls walking

Immunisation key to cancer prevention

One fifth of all cases of cancer are caused by chronic infections like hepatitis B and human papillomavirus (HPV) but vaccines exist to prevent both diseases.

08 March 2011

Ghana girls cycling

GAVI joins forces on International Women’s Day to call for rapid introduction of anti-cancer vaccine

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the GAVI Alliance and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) called for HPV vaccines to be made available to women and girls living in the poorest countries of the world.

16 February 2011

GAVI's vaccine programmes a breakthrough in child health

In this exclusive commentary piece for GAVI, Canadian MP and physician Dr. Keith Martin underlines the public health value of vaccines in tackling pneumonia in developing countries.

31 January 2011

Dagfinn Høybråten Chair

Letter by GAVI Board Chair, Dagfinn Høybråten, January 2011

Dagfinn Høybråten outlines his priorities to ensure that GAVI continues to succeed in saving lives through immunisation.

29 January 2011

Yemen pneumo rollout mothers waiting

Introduction of pneumococcal vaccines in Yemen

Doune Porter, PATH, writes about the historic roll-out of the pneumococcal vaccine in Yemen.


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