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07 February 2016

Africa United

African football and political leaders partner with Gavi to prevent childhood deaths

Africa United leverages football to catalyse health and unveils focus on universal access to immunisation at 4th edition of the Orange African Nations Championship in Rwanda.

22 January 2016

INFUSE launch

Gavi launches 'INFUSE' initiative to overcome barriers to immunisation

Call to entrepreneurs, corporations and implementers to innovate and improve vaccine delivery.

20 January 2016


Ebola vaccine purchasing commitment from Gavi to prepare for future outbreaks

Agreement will help push vaccine towards regulatory approval.

06 January 2016

Modi Berkley India Partnership 2016

Historic partnership between Gavi and India to save millions of lives

Targeted new support will ensure new vaccines reach children across the country.

03 December 2015

Number of Reported Measles Cases with onset date fr om  Apr 2015 to Sep 2015 (6M period)

New support for measles vaccine to help save more than one million lives

Gavi Board approves ambitious package to tackle highly-infectious disease.

12 November 2015

Gavi default item

Measles vaccination has saved an estimated 17.1 million lives since 2000

New data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Measles & Rubella Initiative, estimates that 17.1 million lives have been saved since 2000, largely due to increased vaccination coverage against this highly contagious viral disease.

10 November 2015

Gavi item

Scientists mark 'stunning success' of vaccine in virtually ridding Africa of meningitis A

New research forecasts a resurgence of meningitis A epidemics in 15 years should immunization efforts stall.

30 September 2015

Afghanistan IPV

New polio vaccine introduced to accelerate polio eradication in Afghanistan

More than one million children to benefit from the new polio vaccine

21 September 2015

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala appointed Chair-elect of Gavi Board

Former Nigerian Minister of Finance joins Vaccine Alliance drive to reach every child with life-saving vaccines.

20 August 2015

Pakistan IPV

More than four million children per year in Pakistan to benefit from new injectable polio vaccine

Polio-endemic country takes another step towards a polio-free future as it introduces IPV into its routine immunisation programme, as part of largest globally coordinated vaccine introduction in history (joint press release Pakistan MoH, UNICEF, GPEI, WHO, Gavi).


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