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19 August 2005

G8 must invest in proven tools to fight diseases

Op-Ed by Michel Camdessus and Gro Harlem Brundtland - As the leaders of the world's eight richest countries prepare for a meeting this July in Scotland, they will find the pieces are finally in place to do something that just a decade ago might have been dismissed as a well-intentioned but naive endeavour.

02 August 2005

Statement regarding International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm) and Eurostat ruling

The Eurostat decision paves the way for the full-funding and eventual implementation of IFFIm. We are delighted by this decision and are grateful to all those who worked so hard to create this innovative financing vehicle.

29 June 2005

Routine immunisation virtually eliminates major killer of young children in The Gambia

The Lancet has today published online new research from a team led by the UK Medical Research Council's Richard Adegbola showing that routinely vaccinating infants against H. influenzae type b (Hib) – a bacterium that causes deadly diseases including pneumonia and meningitis – has virtually eliminated Hib meningitis in The Gambia.

09 June 2005

Oslo press event launches a spotlight on Africa

"AIDS is a Human Rights Issue," Says Nelson Mandela, calling on the world to provide global health leaders the means to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to fight HIV/AIDS and other deadly preventable diseases. Nelson Mandela's 46664 arctic beg

16 May 2005

Bill Gates urges world leaders to improve health

In a major address today to international health officials, Bill Gates said the world now has a “historic chance” to achieve dramatic improvements in health, and called on governments, the scientific community, and the private sector to more aggressively fight the diseases that affect hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people each year.

30 March 2005

Barcelona Declaration

2005 is a crucial year in our global struggle against poverty, hunger and fatal childhood disease in the developing world. Only 10 years remain before 2015, when the world will assess and take stock of its progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established by the UN in 2000.

25 March 2005

Vaccine prevents deadly pneumonia in African children

Global health leaders today presented new research showing that vaccinating infants against Streptococcus pneumoniae – a bacterium that causes deadly pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis – could substantially reduce death and serious illness among children in the developing world.

23 February 2005

Canada provides record support for global immunization

The Canadian government today announced a donation of CAD $160 million (US $130 million) to scale up the work of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). The donation represents the largest one-year commitment ever made by a government to the Alliance.

28 January 2005

26 January 2005

Hilary Benn pledges £1 billion to boost health care in developing countries

Hilary Benn the Secretary of State for International Development (DFID) today announced that the UK will pledge almost £1 billion (US$1.8 billion) over 15 years to help immunise children and adults in the world’s poorest countries.

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