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20 November 2009

Vietnam children outside

Child deaths in Vietnam fall dramatically

Through its commitment to immunisation and other child health interventions, Vietnam has drastically reduced its child deaths, putting the country well on track to reach the Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG) before the 2015 deadline.

19 November 2009

GAVI honours 15 countries

GAVI honours 15 countries for excelling in immunisation and child survival

Fifteen health ministers from low-income countries today received awards from the GAVI Alliance for their outstanding performance in improving child health and immunisation.

18 November 2009

GAVI's impact on vaccine market is bringing down prices

GAVI Alliance's increasing support on the vaccine market has impacted the price of one of the major combination vaccines, the pentavalent, enabling GAVI partners to vaccinate millions of more children in the developing world.

13 November 2009

Health ministers urge donors to maintain focus on new life-saving vaccines

Over 20 health ministers from developing countries have appealed to donors to maintain their commitment to immunisation programmes ahead of a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, next week.

30 October 2009

Vaccination is essential to prevent world's leading child killer - pneumonia

Marking the first international World Pneumonia Day on 2 November, the GAVI Alliance plans to immunise 130 million children in poor countries against pneumonia, the world’s leading child killer.

17 September 2009

More than two million children continue to die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases

Nearly 2.3 million children continue to die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, even while the overall mortality rate of children continues to drop.

19 August 2009

The Gambia introduces vaccine against pneumococcal disease

Minister of Health Dr. Mariatou Jallow administers the first dose of the pneumococcal vaccine to Gambian children at a rural clinic outside Banjul.

12 August 2009

18 million Indian children to receive life-saving five-in-one vaccine

More than 18 million children in India will be immunised with a pentavalent five-in-one vaccine thanks to funding worth US$ 165 million from GAVI.

16 July 2009

Momentum builds in effort to save millions of children from pneumonia

Representatives from major health and humanitarian relief organizations are coming together to coordinate outreach efforts for the first-ever World Pneumonia Day on November 2, 2009.

24 June 2009

Japanese retail investors continue to show strong support for vaccine bonds

Vaccine bonds offered to Japanese retail investors raise USD 130 million equivalent to help pay for health and immunisation programmes in some of the world’s poorest countries.


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