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12 December 2008

GAVI Alliance recommends improvements to make humanitarian aid more efficient

Poor data quality hampers effective aid to developing world.

02 December 2008

Financed by the GAVI Alliance, massive campaign is launched to prevent outbreak

Burkina Faso vaccinates 7.9 million against deadly yellow fever disease.

28 November 2008

Germany to further support for life-saving vaccines

To further protect millions of children in the developing world against life-threatening diseases, the Government of Germany has committed an additional four million Euros to the GAVI Alliance.

26 November 2008

GAVI Alliance to vaccinate an additional 6.6 million children against three killer diseases

Alliance commits US$ 134 million but warns of funding challenges to introduce new support against cervical cancer, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis and rubella.

30 October 2008

Robinson to lead efforts to strengthen global immunisation

Former President of Ireland and High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson will lead the GAVI Alliance’s new executive board, created to strengthen the organisation’s ability to meet global health challenges.

29 October 2008

New immunisation figures to be presented at GAVI Board meeting in Geneva

3.4 million deaths averted through GAVI-funded immunisation programmes.

25 September 2008

At General Assembly event, a call for equity and action on development goals

UNICEF website – On the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly session, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said there is a long way to go to reach the Millennium Development Goals by their 2015 target date.

24 September 2008

Significant progress in mother and child health and reduction of malaria and HIVAIDS deaths in poorest nations

MDGs still within reach but stronger focus on the most marginalized will be required.

08 September 2008

Two million people successfully vaccinated in Abidjan following a yellow fever outbreak

Yellow Fever epidemic contained after combined efforts from the Yellow Fever Partnership to vaccinate over 2.2 million people in the Ivorian capital.

04 September 2008

African health ministers to introduce new vaccine to prevent deadly meningitis epidemics

Health Ministers from countries of the African Meningitis Belt today committed themselves to introduce a highly promising candidate meningitis vaccine. The vaccine is designed to prevent periodic epidemics of the deadly disease in these countries.

01 August 2008

First shot of pentavalent vaccine for the children of the Solomon Islands

Support from the GAVI Alliance enables Introduction of Vaccine against Deadly Haemophilus influenzae type b (or Hib) and Four Other Diseases.

26 June 2008

GAVI Alliance commits further support for vaccines against pneumonia and meningitis

GAVI Alliance Board confirms its intent to provide US$1.3 billion for the purchase of pneumococcal vaccines.

25 June 2008

New vaccine strategy prioritises deadly diseases

Meningococcal A, Japanese encephalitis and Cervical Cancer among those identified.

20 June 2008

Successes in global immunisation boost progress towards MDGs

GAVI Alliance Progress Report highlights major advancements to save lives in world's poorest countries.

23 May 2008

Stronger health systems are key to battling disease in poorest countries

In response to unprecedented demand from developing countries, the GAVI Alliance will increase its funding for health system strengthening to US$800 million.

24 April 2008

Symposium announces great strides in childhood immunisation

Significant progress to date, with opportunities for overcoming the financial, logistical, and technical barriers that hinder steps forward.

09 April 2008

Gavi item

Australia and Papua New Guinea launch efforts to crush deadly Hib disease in Pacific region

New vaccine rollout through the GAVI Alliance expected to help extinguish childhood killer. Papua New Guinea will begin immunising children this month with a vaccine that promises to rid the nation of Haemophilus Influenzae type b, or Hib disease, one of the deadliest causes of meningitis and pneumonia. 

12 March 2008

Denmark supports immunisation efforts in the developing world

The GAVI Alliance today thanked the Danish government for Denmark’s support to GAVI. During the meeting GAVI and the Danish Minister discussed issues related to vaccine deliveries in developing countries with weak health systems and also the role of GAVI in the international health architecture.

10 March 2008

Deadly disease eliminated in children under five years of age in Uganda

Hib meningitis has been virtually eliminated in young children in Uganda just five years after the country introduced Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine nationwide, according to an independent study.

04 March 2008

Japanese investors welcome the launch of IFFIm’s debut “Vaccine Bonds”

Japanese investors enthusiastically welcomed the launch of the debut offering in the Japanese market of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company (“IFFIm”), a ZAR 1.7 billion (USD equivalent 223 million) two year uridashi issue.

27 February 2008

“Vaccine bonds” offered in Japan will help save children’s lives in the developing world

A "vaccine bond" expected to be offered in Japan next month aims to accelerate efforts to immunise children in the world’s poorest countries against deadly diseases, the first initiative of its kind in Japan to use the capital markets to raise funds for a specific development purpose.

15 February 2008

Spain’s leading corporate foundation gives €4 million for child immunisation

La Caixa's largest donation to one single organisation marks a fundraising boost to help vaccinate children in the world's poorest countries against life-threatening diseases.

08 February 2008

Bold Canadian investment of US $158 million helped prevent thousands of future deaths

A bold and far-sighted investment in child survival by the Canadian government over the last five years has helped save hundreds of thousands of lives and paved the way for further reductions in child mortality globally. 

23 January 2008

2.9 million future deaths prevented by GAVI immunisation programmes since 2000, new data show

Targetted immunisation backed by innovative financing to pay for the introduction of new vaccines is key to reducing child mortality in the world’s poorest countries, the GAVI Alliance said today.


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