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20 December 2011


Sweden increases funding for immunisation

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today it will contribute US$ 55.5 million to the GAVI Alliance to support its 2012 immunisation programmes to protect millions of children in developing countries against preventable diseases.

17 November 2011


GAVI takes first steps to introduce vaccines against cervical cancer and rubella

Board decisions will benefit the health of women and children in developing countries. [German] [Spanish]

10 November 2011

08-GAVI-11-Riccardo Gangale-Kenya

New studies show progress, value in vaccination against deadly pneumonia

Advances lauded as Malawi becomes next developing country to introduce pneumococcal vaccine on Saturday - World Pneumonia Day.

15 October 2011

Ethiopia pneumo launch

GAVI Alliance partners to tackle childhood killer in Ethiopia

Largest introduction to date of life-saving pneumococcal vaccines to be provided to Ethiopian children.

10 October 2011

IFFIm logo

IFFIm and World Bank renew commitment to raise funds for GAVI programmes

IFFIm announces the renewal for five years of its Treasury Management Agreement with the World Bank.


04 October 2011

la Caixa event 4 Oct 2011 800 wide

GAVI commends “la Caixa” foundation’s € 4 million commitment to the matching fund

“La Caixa”, its customers and employees provide support to immunise children against pneumonia in Latin America.

29 September 2011

IFFIm logo

New IFFIm vaccine bonds issued to support life-saving vaccines

J.P. Morgan, the World Bank and the International Finance Facility for Immunisation ("IFFIm") today announced the issuance of US$ 169.4 million (equivalent) of IFFIm "vaccine bonds" in Japan. [日本語]

27 September 2011

Sudan rota rollout - Dr treats child 21082011

Vaccines against major childhood diseases to reach 37 more countries

The GAVI Alliance today announced it will provide funding for 16 more developing countries to introduce rotavirus vaccines and 18 more countries to introduce pneumococcal vaccines.

21 September 2011

DFID MDG Event Seth Berkley

GAVI cited as model global development partnership

The heads of the US and UK governments' aid programmes have recognised the GAVI Alliance as offering "game changing" lessons in the fight against global poverty.

19 September 2011

Women in health clinic

Leaders call for new approach to women’s health

Government, UN and civil society leaders today called for a new approach to women’s healthcare to address the devastating impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases in low and middle-income countries.

16 September 2011


Burundi’s children set to receive pneumococcal vaccine

The Republic of Burundi will next week accelerate its fight against pneumonia, the world's biggest killer of children under five, when it becomes the tenth African country to introduce new pneumococcal vaccines.

12 September 2011

Penta tabbed feature image 1

EC makes further commitment to saving lives

The European Commission pledges an additional 20 million Euros to support GAVI's vaccination programmes in Africa and the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

01 July 2011

AD syringes Uganda 2009

Injection safety efforts eliminate immunisation-related infections in sub-Saharan Africa

The Measles Initiative and the GAVI Alliance announced today that infections resulting from the re-use of syringes for immunisations have been reduced to practically zero in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a study released in the Supplement of the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

30 June 2011

Cameroon pnuemococcal launch June 2011

Pneumococcal vaccines introduced in three more African countries

The Governments of Central African Republic, Benin and Cameroon will introduce vaccines in the coming weeks to combat pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children worldwide.

13 June 2011

Pledging conference group

Donors commit vaccine funding to achieve historic milestone

GAVI Alliance poised to immunise more than 250 million children in developing countries by 2015 thanks to increased support from major public and private donors. [Spanish] [German]

10 June 2011

Rotavirus vaccinations in Ghana

Developing countries make record demand for life-saving vaccines

A record 50 GAVI eligible countries have applied for vaccine funding from the GAVI Alliance during the organisation’s latest application round, reported GAVI officials today.

06 June 2011

Bandung442 Edy Purnomo

GAVI welcomes lower prices for life-saving vaccines

In the lead up to its first pledging conference on June 13, the GAVI Alliance announced today it has achieved commitments from two emerging market vaccine manufacturers to lower prices for the life-saving pentavalent vaccine, which protects against five deadly diseases.

26 May 2011

Germany increases funding for GAVI to €30 million

Germany said on Wednesday it will contribute €30 million to the GAVI Alliance in 2012, up from €20 million in 2011, to support childhood immunisation in developing countries.

25 May 2011

Bill Roedy

Former CEO of MTV networks Bill Roedy takes up fight against childhood disease

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) is proud to announce that Bill Roedy, the architect behind the internationally known MTV Networks, has joined the GAVI family to advocate for immunisation.

11 May 2011

Burkina Faso Men A

GAVI commits US$ 100 million to fight meningitis A

The GAVI Alliance has committed US$ 100 million to help tackle meningitis A in Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria, part of a strategy to save tens of thousands of lives in Africa with a new life-saving vaccine, MenAfriVac.

04 April 2011

DRC pneumo rollout ministers 04042011

DR Congo introduces new vaccine against one of its leading causes of child death

In an effort to drastically improve the chances of children reaching their fifth birthday, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today stepped up its immunization programme by including vaccines to combat pneumonia.

09 March 2011

IFFIm logo

IFFIm issues first vaccine bonds of 2011

Daiwa Securities Group, the International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company (“IFFIm”), the GAVI Alliance, and the World Bank announced today, IFFIm’s first issue of “Vaccine Bonds” for 2011.

08 March 2011

Seth Berkley

Dr Seth Berkley appointed as GAVI Alliance Chief Executive Officer

The GAVI Alliance Board announced today that it has appointed Dr Seth Berkley as the new Chief Executive Officer of the GAVI Alliance.

01 March 2011

DFID logo

GAVI Alliance welcomes UK multilateral aid review

The GAVI Alliance welcomed a UK Government review issued today that found the public-private partnership to be highly cost effective and critical in reducing deaths among children under five years old.

14 February 2011

Kenya pneumo rollout vaccine shot child

Kenya marks global roll out of pneumococcal vaccine

Hundreds of infants in Kenya received their first shots against pneumococcal disease today at a special event to celebrate the global roll out of vaccines targeting the world's biggest child killer -- pneumonia.

26 January 2011

Bill Gates and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

GAVI welcomes a new global commitment to vaccines

A new partnership marking broader global collaboration around vaccines injects needed funding into the GAVI Alliance's efforts to help save millions of children and hopefully inspires other philanthropists to invest in childhood immunisation programmes.

20 January 2011

Bolivia rotavirus success

Rotavirus vaccines are improving the health and well-being of children

Study findings in the January 2011 special supplement to The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal demonstrate the substantial impact of rotavirus vaccines on the health of children in developed and developing countries that have introduced the vaccines.

19 January 2011

Guyana pneumo launch first child vaccinated

Guyana Health Ministry launches new PCV 13 vaccine

The Guyana Health Ministry has incorporated the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13), which protects against 13 strains of the pneumococcal infections, into its national immunisation programme.


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