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22 December 2011


GAVI appreciation for FY2012 appropriations passed by US Congress

GAVI Alliance expresses its deep appreciation for an increase in funding secured in the Fiscal Year 2012 omnibus spending bill passed by the US Congress on 17 December.

01 December 2011

World AIDS day

GAVI role in achieving world free from AIDS

CEO Seth Berkley says that GAVI stands ready to play its role in achieving a world with zero new HIV infections and zero AID-s related deaths.

25 October 2011

Waiting for protection2

Rotavirus deaths remain unacceptably high

Rotavirus-related diarrhoea kills mostly in developing countries, but vaccine roll outs have begun.

24 October 2011

World Polio Day - Nepal 2008

Polio eradication will highlight the power of immunisation

Feared for centuries because of the death and paralysis it causes, polio is finally on the edge of eradication.

19 October 2011


GAVI lifts suspension of its cash support to Mali

The Malian Government has fully reimbursed GAVI the amount of US$ 563,000 that was misused during the period 2008-2010.

18 October 2011


New promise of a malaria vaccine

New results published today in the New England Journal of Medicine about a large-scale Phase III trial conducted in seven African countries of the malaria vaccine candidate RTS,S deserve a hearty round of applause.

07 October 2011

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf pledging conf 700

GAVI congratulates Nobel Peace Prize winner

The GAVI Alliance congratulates Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

15 September 2011

GAVI welcomes new data on falling child mortality

UN Inter-agency report says prioritisation needed on tackling major killers of children such as pneumonia and diarrhoea

17 August 2011

Panacea Biotec “Easyfive” pentavalent vaccine loses WHO prequalification

GAVI Alliance partners do not expect any major disruption in 2011 to supplies of pentavalent vaccines following today’s announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that it has delisted “Easyfive,” a pentavalent vaccine produced by Panacea Biotec.

08 August 2011


Update on audit of GAVI cash-based support to Zambia 2006-2009

In keeping with GAVI s policy on transparency in the oversight of cash-based programmes, its Deputy CEO recently updated the GAVI Board on the status of cash-based programmes in Zambia.


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